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  • stoth47 stoth47 Nov 29, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

    Options vs stocks

    Personally, I prefer stocks AND one month options, but that's my trading personality. I've been trading for 11 years. Started in stocks only, then thought I knew everything and got into really short term options and lost half my accumulated capital in six months. Bad deal. Went back to stocks and it was a roller coaster of winning and losing due mainly to lack of personal discipline and making the same mistakes repeatedly. Took a six month break, seriously re-evaluated and made two BIG discoveries: 1.) if you own a well managed, hi-dividend stock, it really doesn't matter what the price does. Every dividend dividend pay out reduces your cost basis and also provides income. 2.) selling calls and cash covered puts, sometimes with multiple trades in one month, positions you as "the house' with the best advantage of success in the trade.
    I've been following this strategy for the last two years with a targeted annual return of 30% - my two year average is 27% ( it could have been up around 33% but I find I still make some mistakes and still need outside feedback). Some options people would say 27% is lousy, but at that percentge my money doubles every 3 years (rule of 72). Not exciting and sometimes outright boring, but it's working, it's paying off the loans that accumulated from my kids going to college, and also building retirement accounts for me and my wife. And worst case, like now when I missed taking action on the sell signal on AGNC in October and am 100% long, the dividend will get the trade profitable again over time. And I know I will be able to make at least the return percentage of the dividend of 15% and then some, since I will be able to sell options to increase the percentage as soon as the dividend cash is deposited into my account. Your mileage may vary, but it has been working for me.

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