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  • johnfurcy johnfurcy Oct 24, 2012 10:19 AM Flag

    OT: Healthcare premium up 1,504 percent for 2013

    So a guy stays home and studies in HS, is labelled a nerd. Does not drink or smoke pot, sticks to the books makes it into a decent college. Works hard. Does not go to Keggers, spends his Sat nights in the library doing homework and working on projects. Gets into Med School, kills himself to get his medical degree. Interns for a couple of years almost psychotic from lack of sleep.
    Now he is 28-30 starts making some money, by 35 he is making very good money ( even after malpractice insurance premiums)

    Why the hell does he deserve such a high standard of living? He should be down in the lower middle class with all the people that were A-listers in High School that, smoked dope in college and went to keggers and dropped classes and graduated in 5yrs with a liberal arts degree.
    Right? He should be clipping coupons ...right? Sacrifice, shmacrifice...he should pay 75c out of every dollar in taxes so I can get my unemployment check instead of taking that #$%$ job at the bookstore, right?

    look at yourself before you jusge others...

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    • Whatever dude. The hypocrisy you are spouting is unbelievable. There can be no such thing as equal opportunity if there is no equal access to education.

      The only countries that have come close are in Europe, Germany in particular is an enviable model.

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      • Onion, you need to lay off the drugs. Obama's mother had a PHD in anthropology. Her father owned a furniture store, and her mother was a bank vice president.

        You need to stop making uninformed statements that can be easily verified...

        Obama was born from the intellectual middle class. No biggie he went to Harvard.

        I was born into a family that was truly poor. Worthless alcoholic father and a mother that loved him more than her kids. 5 people in a cockroach infested apartment.

        I tested at the gifted level in grade school. What were my chances of going to Harvard? CLOSE TO ZERO...

        A lot of people go to Oxford and Cambridge too. Why? Because those colleges have name and reputation. That's why people from universal education countries come to US schools. THEY HAVE MONEY TOO...

      • And how does Obama's education relate to universal education? Stop diverting the topic.

      • " Obama's education"
        We are talking about equal opportunity to education.He has stated repeatedly how he was from a poor home , single mother..etc yet he had a huge college/ law school career.
        Why do so many who have access to universal education come to US schools?

      • how did Obama get his education?

    • The answer is simple. When prices get too high, high flyers are often replaced by people from third-world countries such as India. That way, the elderly won't be able to understand what they are saying and more easily fleeced.

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