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  • olee2116 olee2116 Oct 24, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    To Ray about God

    Ray, the other thread is too crowded, plus I want to put demedici on ignore.

    In order to deny the existence of God, then you must have a conception of God. So you conceive of God as a being, a super being, a super santa clause that one can pray to, and you deny that God.

    Remember, Ray, I used to be an atheist like yourself, and I too rejected that God. The prophets claimed to know the will of God, and after having an experience with the Divine Reality, I know this to be an impossibility. The experience is so indescribable that I cannot presume to know the will of God, or even describe the essence of God. Words fail, just as reason fails. As Carl Jung said, "I do not believe in God, I know God."

    Please do not close your mind to the Divine Reality. Like I said earlier, if you do not get a chance during life, you may get a final one as your approach death.

    BTW, your science is focused on biology. The core science is physics and our conception of the universe is not the mechanized orderly universe of Newton. Check out the latest research on physics, and you will find the atheist/reductionist worldview to be lacking.

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    • Thanks for this message Olee2116. I just feel compelled to respond to any aetheist out there. I was an ardent Atheist for the first 40 years of my life. I am now convinced there is a God, and I came to that belief through careful study, analytics. And I know a lot of very succesful and intelligent people who believe as well. Now what you want to do with that God is up to you and I will not go deeper than that on this message board. Each person is not the center of his or her own universe, there is a truth out there greater than ourselves and you can feel it, all truth is not relative. It takes more faith to be an atheist than a believer and any person who wants to honestly study the issue cannot help but come to the same conclusion. More and more scientist are coming to believe there is a creator and a beginning to the universe, this is not all just a random act and our life meaningless.

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    • You do realize.. or maybe sometime you will.. that everything you are saying is a large pile of dog poo. It is so crazy, so obscene, so out there... you might as well be a blabbering drunk hobo. Just listen to yourself. "please do not close your mind to the Divine reality." I have a sentence back to you. Please do not close your mind to REALITY. Because thats exactly what religion is.. Closing your mind and believing and holding one thought as to be FACT. I'll say that again.. Religion definition.. Religion: Closing your mind to all other forms of thought, believing one idea and holding it above all else without reason, without doubt, without self preservation, without merit or real factual basis, in many cases... to the point of insanity. Which is exactly what you are. YOU'RE #$%$ insane.

    • As some writers put it, we think, we are super humans, not willing to admit the death will be the complete end of our existence, is the reason we are bringing in questions of our salvation, The Divine, life after death, some body else will save us of our crimes. Just keep doing good things, Make sure your own conscience if you have one does not rebuke you while living here. After death your memories good or bad will fade away from the minds of people among whom you lived. Forget about centries old proofs and suppositions which may be hersays. Believe in present proofs but there would none and never. Brain is very good in making up strange stories when you are sleeping or completely unconscious.

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      • Your reading comprehension is poor. Read again what I wrote and see that I do not believe in personal identity surviving death, so any afterlife would be irrelevant.

        It is not our physical body that is made in the image of God, that is an absurdity since we are basically hairless apes. It is not our soul that was made in the image of God, our personality and thought processes are the mere consequence of an advanced brain and dies with the brain. It is our spirit, our true consciousness, our energy that was made in the image of God, and when we die, we return home

    • So few people are willing to suspend their beliefs in order to look for truth.
      It all started in second grade when the 19 year old girl [sister Andre where are you now?] who was our teaching nun, said that Solomon could ask God for any gift, and he chose pursuit of wisdom.
      I pursued a degree in physics, switched to chemistry though.and kept the physics minor.
      Everything is energy, coherent, divergent and directed and ultimately one source.

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