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  • sbrown101750 sbrown101750 Oct 25, 2012 9:59 PM Flag

    My premium stayed the same

    Most Republicans are okay...its the ultra "conservative" ones that are the guy from Indiana who says that a woman who gets pregnant as a result of a rape should give birth because God must have wanted the pregnancy to happen....what a flaming idiot!

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    • Abortion is a tough issue. I'm liberal on most issues, but this one bugs me. Most states have laws that if you kill a pregnant woman, then you are guilty of two murders.

      So if rule of law protects the fetus in the case of murder, then...

      And let's look at life from the unborn point of view. My life has been full of suffering, yet I am grateful for the chance of life. Now put yourself back into the womb, don't you want to live?

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      • The only abortions that bother me are partial birth abortions. Isn't this a baby that would survive otherwise? The only difference is that it hasn't been born yet. Why not just give birth and then kill it? What's the difference?

        Otherwise I have no problem with abortion.

        But this is the nuance of the issue that I find most interesting. Most adult higher income people are not the ones needing abortions. It's the lower income people that get pregnant because they didn't take care of business and now need to be bailed out of a situation they didn't prevent for lack of precautions. So a greater proportion of the babies being aborted are of minorities which would imply that members of the KKK are probably 100% for abortion. But of course you would never hear about that. No one discusses this. But it is true.

        I was once listening to a woman with whom abortion was her most passionate cause. And one point she was making is that a lot of these babies were from poor women who would create more poor people who would grow up to be poor themselves and thus society would be better off if they were not born. So I asked her. "So you are saying is that we should provide free abortions because we can prevent poor afro American and Hispanic people from being born?" She said, "No, I did not say that." I said, "You may not realize it but you just did because if you look at the stats that is exactly what you just said, by association. And anyone of any intelligence would realize that this is what you are implying." After that she quit saying it, at least around me, but I doubt that she quit thinking it. To many people abortion is a form of ethnic cleansing. And that is why they are all for it. It turned out that this women never finished her law degree, ended up always working at lower income jobs, and society probably would have been better off had she been aborted as she is a net load on society. But I'm sure she does not see it that way.

        For me, I just find it amusing to observe people who live their lives in philosophical conflict born out of their inability to logically reconcile their different beliefs from a base set of morals because they derive what they believe from the ideas of others, and not from what they have observed to be true.

        In my opinion, if the baby cannot live outside the womb then it is not an independent life. All the other moral issues are irrelevant to me. And based on a similar concept, I believe that people who are terminally ill should be allowed to save themselves the suffering and take their own lives, especially if they cannot live without the aid of medical equipment. This would greatly reduce the cost of medical insurance as well.

        If I am terminally ill and suffering, I want to be able to tell the doctor to inject me with something that will end it all. First I would meet with my family and then allow them to be present if they desired and then I would end the suffering. But being an atheist I believe that there is nothing to fear concerning death so it would be easier for me than for someone who believes that death will result in their judgment and possibly the beginning of an eternity living in hell. I'm glad I don't have such nonsense cluttering up my mind.

    • That poor soul running for senator give him a break. What he means that whatever happened and how it happened is considerable but do not kill that live innocent fetus who did not commit any crime and want your mercy and sympathy for sparing his /her life. If you really want to kill, then kill the rapist, the guilty party. If I am a judge I will issue a death penalty to the rapist and would do every thing to protect the fetus who deserve a chance of life. Please do not close your eyes shut and do the justice. This is what is required from every one of us - justice without prejudice.

    • Repubs are just naive. Picture the nerd in high school with the glasses and pocket protectors...they just never experience real life,,,I know I use to be one of them.

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