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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Oct 28, 2012 9:07 PM Flag

    Time to place your orders

    What price would you be willing to buy AGNC regardless of Earnings? Submit your GTC order at that price. Don't have to buy 50,000 200 or so....or 1000 or so, or get the idea. At least you might get filled. With no standing orders you might not get your chance. We all have to leave the screen at various times during the day. You might not get the chance to buy as the market price fluctuates.

    I will have orders to buy at BV and at .50 increments above and below that, increasing in size on the way down. Example 100 shares @ 31.50, 200 @ 31.00, 300 @ 30.50, 400 @ 30.00, 500 @ 29.50, 1000 @ 29.00, 3000 @ 28.50, 6000 @ 28.50. 11,500 total shares...multiply or divide by your comfort level. This is just an example.

    Repeat with your other favorite mReits.

    Just a reminder as this next week should be interesting, to say the least, in the mReit space. For option traders remember that Dec OPEX should coincide closely with the next EX. Sept EX was prior to EX. The MM's, based upon premiums, are expecting this same scenario in Dec.



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