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  • stoth47 stoth47 Nov 12, 2012 3:37 PM Flag

    AGNC strategy going forward if you didn't get out/short/etc.?

    Agreed. I have read over a bunch of the posts on what might happen with the dividend payout, and even if it drops in 2013 to 10% (which I think is unlikely based on what AGNC management has said so far) I'll be able to recoup the losses and possibly make some money next year. It's just frustrating, especially when going over things and analyzing what I could have done better. For instance: I see where I could have taken about a one dollar per share loss at the break through support on the price, then gotten back in at a lower price with a cash secured put and I would be looking OK right now. Frustrating. Educational, but frustrating.

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    • You are going to do just fine. I have been trading REITS for years now and the dividends always catch up to what you paid for the shares eventually, then the money starts to be a positive return in the near future if YOU DON'T PANIC. If the tax cuts remain thru 2013 because of the Democrats and Republican squabbling (unable to agree on anything); look out-All Reits will fun up quickly. Good Luck

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