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  • eusdond eusdond Nov 14, 2012 5:02 PM Flag

    Buffett speaks

    Buffett: Obama must push for higher taxes on rich even if fiscal cliff temporarily triggered.

    Warren is right___ The rich MUST pay more taxes... The house Republicans need to accept that fact and move on...

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    • Hey eusdond - try getting a job, deadbeat.

      • 2 Replies to goofahead
      • Goofy, get a life, psycho.

      • You want him to work? Isn't that rather calloused on your part? Think about it. Democrats should not be forced to work. Especially now that they can get health care even if they don’t work. Those are words directly for Pelosi’s mouth so you can take them to the bank. We all know that Democrats are a privileged class and should not be bothered with mundane activities associated with work. We all accept that now. So get a clue. Haven’t you heard about the Obama mandate? We can all quit our jobs now and watch TV and ride high speed trains that take us to places few of us want to go but it will be great fun looking out the window, don’t you think? I’m not worried about the economy anymore. Obama will take care of me. You need to get on board the choo choo train to nowhere along with the rest of us before you get left behind. You don’t want to be working all alone now do you? Come have fun with the rest of us. Don’t waste your time working. It’s no longer necessary. We will just send the bill to the Republicans ROTFLMAO. Oh, what fools they are to go to work. And if you find all this boring then move to a state where you can smoke pot legally and drive around buzzed all day and have fun seeing if you can keep from running someone over. Don’t let the rest of us progress without you. That is why they call us progressives. It’s because we say yes to everything and no to nothing. Life is so wonderful now.

    • But they won't accept it. Once the cliff is triggered, they have no incentive to cooperate.

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