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  • brucemacnabb brucemacnabb Nov 14, 2012 10:56 PM Flag

    The worse case scenario

    The prices for MBS have gone DOWN since Sept 30 despite Fed spending. And there is no tax implication as MREITs are taxed as ordinary income [ will this confusion ever end ]. Next.

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    • I keep seeing this over and over again about the tax hikes. People are selling for no reason. lol

    • Nevertheless, fear runs rampant in the market now.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Bruce: Let me explain my position to you in a few simple words. It's pretty freakin' retarded.

      However, in practice, I think this stock is going to go down. Here's why in a few simple words: It's pretty freakin' retarded. Seriously, I mean, these shorts are using baseless information.

      But lets get smart for a second here.... Assume that shorts are retarded, but they actually DO exist. And they do.... there is a damn good chance they will bring this stock down even further. So, to compliment my buy and hold strategy, I am simply selling covered calls. Lots of them. I do this on a lot of stocks I own, it works great, options generally make a lot more money for the seller than the buyer. Buy back options in the money near div-ex date, and sell new options every month after expiry. When you think it is likely the stock will go down more than normal, sell calls further in the money.

      This obviously isn't fool proof... But I sold December $28 calls. If it drops below then I lose a bit of money, but if it goes up to $35.00.... well, guess what? I just buy the option back and only make a small amount of money on the premium of the option when I sold it. You really don't lose, since your stock will offset the increase in call price. Then, sit back and collect your sexy as hell dividends.

      This stock is a god damned cash cow, and it's absolutely retarded that no one right now is realizing it.

      2014 I'll bet anyone we see $50.00+, that is conservative.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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