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  • chachachia34 chachachia34 Nov 15, 2012 12:31 AM Flag

    WiLd Speculation run amuck

    How soon we all forget...remember last year when the debt ceiling and the S&P downgrade was news? Markets took a 15% - 20% shellacking for that...and what happened after that debacle? The market powered even higher.

    I have read the board over the weekend and the past few days and I have heard EVERYTHING under the sun about what could happen...but in the end...its all WiLd speculation. The market is out to get you and wants your money, you are not and never can be smarter than the market. If you think you are, you will be made an example of its ruthlessness. I know this from past experience.

    And for those of you that 'warned' us to sell 2-3 weeks ago, the ones who 'think' you are right...are you?? the market was gonna do what it was gonna do whether you said anything or not. In the market, none of us knows ANYTHING. Its ALL guesswork. Its about doing your research, taking appropriate risks and hopefully come up on the better end as the result. Honestly, I cannot count the times when I sold as things went from bad to worse, only to regret my decision soon after. One NEVER sells in the mist of calamity because it is almost always the wrong move. I will site you a couple of examples. I retired from the military in 2010. Because of the demands of my Army career, I did not trade but invest. Didnt have the time to trade. I was stationed at FT Lewis and a peer who was from the area mentioned Starbucks as an investment. I researched it thoroughly and invested in 1998. Fast forward 4 years and I was up about 10% on the stock. I sold it because I felt it was going nowhere. Big mistake. 5 years later, it was up almost 400%!! Also, did the same with HAR...I missed a 600% return in less than 3 years AFTER I sold it.

    That said, I truly hope everyone here comes out on the better end of this dilemma facing us!! Hooahhhhhhh

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