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  • olee2116 olee2116 Nov 15, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    dead cat

    Did I say that it was a low average volume day? NO

    You assumed that. Assumptions are not facts.


    Compared to the very high volume DOWN DAYS, it is a low volume day.

    14mil is less than 25.6mil.


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      Exactly. Low volume, period. Not low volume COMPARED TO DOWN DAYS. What determines a low or high volume day? Say it with me kids - average volume.

      You only changed your tune after you realized how stupid your first comment was. Then you changed it to the down day volume ranging from 14-25 mil, and now (just as I predicted) you are changing it to just 25 mil because that range doesn't work either.

      What's funny is that you've been trying to redefine the issue to look more less stupid. Now you're done to denying previous posts and outright name calling. I'd say its not working for you.

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      • Listen dummy. Low volume doesn't mean low average volume.

        If I wanted to say low average volume, then I would have said it.

        I said low volume. Now I understand that might be a little too vague for a simpleton like yourself, so I will clarify.

        Today was a low volume day compared to the very high volume down days, the highest being over 25.6mil.

        Now if the volume today was 25mil, then I would have to say today was not a dead cat bounce. You forget that I have small positions in AGNC, which have gone up a lot today.

        You are getting emotional. I am merely stating facts. I said numerous times over the past few week that we would see 28.

        28 is support and the place to buy. Not 33, not 30, not 29.50.

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