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  • gary_kain gary_kain Nov 16, 2012 8:40 AM Flag

    I highly recommend that ...

    I read this board a lot. I especially find interest in the political debates. It seems to me that there are a lot of liberal progressives here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we live in a country where you can spout it whenever you want. That being said, remember that everyone votes with his wallet. I can only assume that there are a lot of people on this board who either make an awful lot of money or very little. Both of those categories agree with higher taxes. Hollywood mega money makes make more money than they could ever spend. (They could make even more if more people could afford to go to the movies.) Thats why they are ok with raising taxes, they will never miss it. If you make under 250k you have been duped into thinking this will not affect you.

    The truth is if you make 250k per year you are not rich, you are the real middle class. You probably sacrificed , went to college and got yourself a degree or two. You might be a doctor a lawyer or a finance person, and your spouse works. You live in a nice home in a better neighborhood. You probably get to go on a vacation once a year, dinner out twice a month and your kid can go to college. And you wont get a penny of financial aid. You can just afford your car payments, your mortgage and you are probably saving something for retirement but it isnt nearly enough. 60+cents of every dollar you make goes to federal state, local, or real estate taxes and health insurance. You spend more than the average guy so you pay more in sales tax than the average guy.

    Why should this family pay more taxes? Why are we punishing this guy who sacrificed and has made the American dream (barely)?

    If you are not making 250k+ per year don't reply because you just dont know.
    So I don't exepct a lot of replies

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