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  • alw59saw alw59saw Nov 16, 2012 11:49 AM Flag

    No More Twinkies

    Hostess Corp has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy (liquidation) after a nationwide employees strike. Now, more than 18,000 workers will lose their jobs ... and no more Twinkies.

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    • Will miss the twinkies....but not the 18,000 mandatory contributions toward the downfall of the country.

    • I suspect that someone else will buy the brand for 10 cents on the dollar and then they will hire all new non union workers and start selling Twinkies at a profit for a change. They will be missing on store shelves for about six months or even less and then they will appear again. Some people will complain that they aren't as good as the old Twinkies but they will eat them anyway because they can’t help themselves.

      On the bright side, I suspect that Twinkies are good for reducing government Medicare cost as Obese people die about 10 years sooner and thus cost the government about half as much except for their diabetic medication, metformin, which is generic now days and doesn’t cost that much. The story about metformin’s history is interesting as it was discovered in the 1920s but was not approved to be used to reduce blood sugar in diabetics until 1994 because the medical industry had misinformation on some of its side effects. Instead they used to recommend insulin injections even though they were much worse for you for many reasons. Many type 2 diabetic patients were being improperly treated for many years yet in other counties they were not. It makes you wonder how these kinds of situations are allowed to persist in modern times with all the research that is ongoing. The older I get and the more I learn I am having less and less confidence in the medical industry. Some of the things I read about seem ridiculous. What I have learned is to never trust what most doctors say as only a select few of them really understand any particular condition when it gets out of the standard norms.

      When I developed tendonitis in my wrist due to my flexor tendons rubbing under the retinaculum in my wrist, I was misdiagnosed and mistreated by 4 doctors over a period of 9 months before I finally found an orthopedic surgeon that understood how to treat it properly. I knew he understood my conditions by the questions he asked as I saw him zeroing in on what I was actually experiencing. He didn’t assume a lot. He then injected cortisone right into my flexor tendon sleeves and finally the inflammation started to subside and the intense burning feeling started to go away within a week. I remained in wrist braces for another 5 years before I could take them off for good. It was either that or cut the retinaculum to relieve the pressure and that would have allowed by flexor tendons to lift away from my wrist every time I flexed my fingers. That sounded too weird to me so I opted for the slow recovery and range of motion exercises. Now it is as if it never happened. I was one of the first people to suffer repetitive stress injury due to excessive computer use in the early 1990s. What I have found is that few doctors seem to understand how to treat patients that don’t fit the standard profile. But I can understand this because I look at my field and realize how few and far between the really competent people are and I have come to realize that most fields are probably this way, including medicine. I have seen so many doctors jump to conclusions based on too little information. Even if they are right it bothers me because what if they were wrong? Often times when a doctor says something to me I have learned to reply “I assume you mean if I fit the standard profile, but what if I don’t, then what?” I only respect a doctor if he has a logical answer to that. Even if he says he does not know. At least then I know to start looking into plan B.

      You know those posture instructions on how to position yourself at the computer. Take them seriously. They didn't have that kind of information when computers first came out so we were not aware. Now days there is no excuse. Do it.

    • It seems that the corporation that owns Tastycakes is interested in buying the Twinkies brand and its ~$80M revenue stream. There may be Twinkies after all.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The unions should use the worker's pension money and buy the plant.

      The twinkie makers would have additional incentive to make the best product possible.
      Also, having gained experience in their respective departments each "owner-operator" knows best what truly is needed to make his/her department hum.

      To waste functional equiptment AND persons of experience would truly be a sin.
      One that can still be avoided.

      Sometimes the plant owners dismantle the equiptment and ship the parts to china.

      China then, is able to conveniently reverse engineer each part- more than once of course- and winds up having 20 twinkie plants for dang-near the price of one.
      It's happened in my neck of the woods with a steel-making plant. I met a few out-of-town workers from down-south who were in Phila. and stopped into a local pub where I was sipping a few coldies.
      They were being payed to not only dismantle the plant piece-by-piece, but to crate and mark each piece.
      Not only did we give China the plant but the opportunity to build many more.
      I would say the steel-plant episode is much more grave than the twinkie factory closing, but tell that to the many workers there.

      SO: Why shouldn't the workers, through the union, be given the opportunity to buy the plant and save their own jobs.
      I would bet that their weekly pay would be much higher once you lop off the "top", the execs who think they are really doing something- and take obscene amounts of money to do it.
      The state should take eminent domain over the plant at once, so that it mat not be dismantled, allowing time for a buyer to resume opperation in the production of our beloved twinkies.

      Un-constitutional you say?
      I think if Ben Franklin knew someday that his "Poor Richard's Almanac" could possibly lost in a hostile takeover there would have been a provision against vulture capitalists, and just plotting to ship a steel plant over-seas, to a rival, would have been deemed to be treasonous.

      Go America,
      go AGNC,

    • Had Hostess moved 18,500 jobs to China they would be THE DEVIL. Unions killing same 18,500 jobs gets a media "oh well."

    • 40% of Americans (obese) are horrified at the thought

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