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  • arshakandriasov arshakandriasov Nov 17, 2012 5:34 AM Flag

    OT - Humans are gullible idiots (as shared on Facebook)

    Humans are such gullible idiots. How can you 1. Press like for Israel bombing Palestine or Vice Versa? 2. Press like vehemently either for Romney or Obama? And other things of the same nature. Humans are idiots. People getting killed or a country is raping you with their laws, ideologies, financial slavery, genetically modified foods, and you think you are doing something by pressing like on Facebook? You guys are just minuscule, arrogant nothings. Again how can anyone of you press like on killings? Nobody knows who starts the wars and yet everyone has the opinion that "their" people are always right. When you have this kind of thought, in my book you're an idiot in this time and situation. Life is so much more complex, but because you are a slave and dumb, you join a religion, country, and no matter if their wrong, you'll still back them. Well stay dumb and stupid. I am so happy that I have actually met some good people who 1. have cut themselves from being slaves of two puppet politicians who sucked every #$%$ to get to where they were to screw your country 2. Have cut themselves from being slaves of the media propaganda enjoying countries killing other countries 3. Have cut themselves from All Religious fanatics who think their place is the real heaven and others will go to hell. You guys are ignorant people who will always be slaves. Enjoy this kind of life, because while you were bitter about your own personal stuff that will have 0 meaning when you die, I am not a slave of false commercialism!

    This was written on Facebook and wanted to share it with my agnc friends.

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    • hgtacvs11 Nov 19, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

      Arshxxxxxx- the bottom line from you genius is your one of the dumb pieces of puke in this courtry. Go worship a rock and shut the fxck up you dumb #$%$ sob. I hit like button for using people like you for sending to cuba.

    • well arhsak...not too popular....but I agree with some of your points. I would like to know how the people you respect that freed themselves did it, as I am frustrated by this political nonsense I read everyday. It's s small world today and even if I sequester myself in my closet, at home, I can't get away from the results of these peoples stupidity.


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      • I could easily put my father into the this subject, who was able to achieve incredible things as a human being and creator, while against the soviet union's idiology (during Brezhnev's time) at its peak of lunacy and the united states' perspective in the 80's

      • Most of the these dislikes were probably posted by those who did not like Doc's mlp picks ;) But we will show them wrong Doc :). There are a lot of intellegent people in the world, this is why there is always hope. But the hope starts with the human being. This human being can have a discussion with the other and then another. Writing posts is a difficult process because it is easily misinterpreted. To meet and speak with the person is much better. Idiocy will always exist, but so will intellectual, rational thinking.

    • He has a point. The enemy are those that rule over us, not people of a different country. Nationalism is a tool of the oligarchy.

    • you a an idiot.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Nov 17, 2012 2:09 PM Flag

      #$%$ happens. The "like" button is the only thing you get when you don't want to think of something to say. Other sites have tried an array of emotions, but it just gets confusing. Applause is pretty monotone, but gets the point across. And the problem with not liking killing is that someone else is going to like it enough to do it, so you may need to do it even if you don't like it. And then all anyone gets to show they're on your side is a "like" button and the semantics get surreal. As for propaganda, it's rendered ineffective when you make the small effort to find more than one source of news. You may have to make a slightly larger effort to be sure your alternate source isn't just worse propaganda, but it's a start. But keep crossing borders. Some day we'll all realize they're more problem than solution.

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      • YBF,

        I like a lot of what you said, but I can't find a "like" button, since I don't "like" FB...;-)

        I was going to add in a slightly different way (than you already said), that the original author decries those who are bitter and adamant about their "causes" while his tone belies the very same thing, ie, he is bitter and adamant in his hatred of all those who are not like himself, which defaults to his "cause".

        "Himself" being the holder of all Truth. Ah, there it is ...what then is truth. According to the author:

        ""Enjoy this kind of life, because while you were bitter about your own personal stuff that will have 0 meaning when you die, I am not a slave ....

        His "Truth" is thus stated. How is he so sure that his brand of the "Truth" is True?? He ironically, and quite comically, IMO, falls right into the trap that his rant decries. He bitterly presents his Truth and calls all those not abiding by the same, "Idiots". How many Goose Steps is he away from creating his version of a utopia by silencing all those who reject his thesis??

        I like diversity of opinion. I enjoy listening to folks like YBF, who is 180 degrees away from my political and religious persuasion. I honor those who fought in wars(even though I hate conflicts like Vietnam or Afghanistan) especially to rid the world of the Adolf Hitler's and Saddam Hussein's. I personally believe that there is a Heaven and a hell and it does matter how we live our lives and what we believe.

        The danger of those like the author is that they try to silence and thereby marginalize folks like myself by saying such catchwords, regarding those who believe differently than themselves, as "haters", "puppets", "slaves", "fanatics"(just re-read his article with these words in mind). I can hear the glass breaking already(KRISTALLNACHT...look it up)...

        Regards, (and thank you Arsh for pointing out those who are a danger to a free society, which welcomes diversity of opinion),


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