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  • raybans2 raybans2 Nov 20, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    reply to reits_r_us

    One other thing I forgot to mention. After I had my repetitive stress injury several other people in the company started to get them. I was the first but the problem started to become more frequent because we were just switching over to computers on every desk and no one knew about the potential for injury if you sat there and hammered away at the keys all day long without taking any breaks. A lot of them were secretaries (office managers). After the experience with me they started to send all these people to the same doctor I was seeing. But since they immediately saw a doctor who was familiar with the proper way to treat this new and unfamiliar injury and didn't get misdiagnosed as I had been, their recoveries were much faster than mine. I’m convinced that had they been sent to the doctors I had seen they would have done no better.

    When I eventually left the company several years later one of the things you had to do was go to the medical department and get signed off as part of the departure procedure. I found it interesting how they had lost all history of my medical records. It seems that the lady that was in charge when I was getting treated had left the company and apparently she didn’t want those files on record for some reason because for records to be missing like that is rare. Everyone seemed extremely perplexed. They were all afraid of nothing because I would never have sued. All I wanted was to get treated by the right doctor and the company’s interference with the doctors I was seeing was making it difficult for me to do that.

    I also learned that there is an industry of work injury doctors out there that depend on companies to send them patients and then send those patients back with assessments that there is nothing wrong with these people. That doctor that advised me to get out of the work comp system told me that the doctors in it are forced to be corrupt and they really don’t have the patient’s interest at heart. You may find this hard to believe but after my experience I KNOW that it is true. I’m 100% sure of it. The doctor who advised me to get out of the workman comp system used to work in it and he told me he left it because he could not do what they expected him to do. He said it was wrong. I don’t know how it would have ended had he not told me all this because I was still naive thinking that these doctors were actually interested in curing me. I’m sure they did not want to do me any harm but they certainly were not interested in doing anything that would take more than a few months less they never get another patient from that company again.

    But finally my company came to realize that these people with the RSI injuries were not faking anything and they were actually injured, they started to let the doctors take as long as it took. But this was after several high level people started to get the same injury and found out about the process themselves and were outraged as I was.

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