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  • therightstuffer therightstuffer Nov 21, 2012 11:00 AM Flag



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    • Hey TheRightStuffer....I would say someone is looking out for you, because every time AGNC pulls back it gives you another chance to buy more. Thanksgiving time is always up and down. Be smart and buy, buy, buy on the down won't regret it.....;-)

      BTW, if you look closely you will note 5 consecutive days now of higher closing PPS. Look for this Friday(shortened trading hours) being your last chance to get in, if we follow last year's pattern. We only had a dollar up from here to EX, which would place us just under BV at EX this year. I would expect that to be the minimum PPS this year(range 32.49-35+).

      Don't miss out. I wish you and the rest out there a Happy Thanksgiving. We don't ever have to look too far to make us realize how much we have to be thankful for, right Stuffer??....;-)


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      • Happy T-Day to all, family and food, can't beat that, unless you have a butt-nut brother-in-law, but nothing alcohol can't cure. Thanks for the info Doc, I will be looking for a small pull-back tomorrow (friday) and hopefully pick up some more Calls. Between AGNC and WMC I think I'm in good positioning for Dec. Good luck to everyone, lets make some money.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Nov 21, 2012 11:25 AM Flag

      Doesn't really ramp until it's announced.

      Too much other stuff going on to expect speculative buying. Just holding steady is the same as going up in this climate.

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      • MTGE, MITT, ARR, AMTG, HTS, CYS, and NLY are all down so far this morning.
        So, the minor selloff is sectorwide.

        "No worries here."

        AGNC, imo, is STILL selling for a good price, even after its recent pps recovery.
        I wouldn't be all that surprised to see AGNC rise all the way to 37.
        I'm only 2/3's way into my share buying this quarter, so one more pullback will be looked upon by me to be another buying opportunity.
        I have a standing buy-order in at 28 in the event of a "flash crash"

        The run-up will start soon enough.
        Then, the persistant trolls will resume their positions under their respective bridges.

        As an optimist, I say AGNC runs to 34+ this quarter regardless of mediocre earnings,
        and more if AGNC beats the street.

        Could this be the year of the special dividend? :)
        That is surely a trump card always waiting to be played.
        A special dividend might jumpstart a climb towards 37.
        Then, having a spo at 35 would surely be greatly accretive to book value, and AGNC will be back on track for sure.

        Happy Thanksgiving and Good luck to AGNCers everywhere,

      • I believe everyone looking for the divy run for December EX date go back and look at the prices for 2011 and 2010. There hasn't been a big run AGNC, it was mostly range bound. Didn't get above 30 and traded mostly 28+. I think there was one day in 2010 it went down to 27.70ish. That was the only day. I'm going from memory, so check for yourselves.

        With all the pressure on MREITS and the cliff stuff, It's hard to tell if we'll see a price crash. Point being I don't see the strong run that happens the rest of the year. looks like a challenging Qtr to play the trading game.


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