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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Nov 23, 2012 7:40 PM Flag

    The Math of Taxes

    Pretty funny Ray,

    You know I love you but your partisan "reporting" is almost as bad as the old Air America.(No, I stopped watching Fox News years ago, and yes conservatives have ready arguments to counter all of your talking what is your point?).

    I'm still reading you Ray, but with a big smile, and a shake of my head. Dec 6th is over, you can relax, the Republicans have been driven back into their caves....and News Flash...the Democrats won the election..... ;-). We've had enough "partisan speak", IMO, on both sides, to last at least 4 more years.



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    • Hey Ray,

      In case you do want to continue with partisan causes why don't you spearhead a drive in California to "Occupy Hollywood"? Those filthy rich investment bankers on Wall Street have nothing over those mega filthy rich movie stars and their handlers....

      Then again that would be liberals protesting liberals...does that ever happen? I don't think it does with conservatives. It would be fun...kind of like watching the same poles on two magnets trying to get close to each other....;-)


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      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Nov 25, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

        "Those filthy rich investment bankers on Wall Street have nothing over those mega filthy rich movie stars and their handlers"

        You are kidding, right? The richest movie stars have a couple of hundred million dollars. Some of the banksters take that much down every year.

        Hollywood's money angle is a marketing ploy. They discovered early on that bragging about how much money a movie is making, and how rich the people in it are, actually creates an attraction that sells more tickets. Hyping how much a picture made on its first weekend can double what it makes on subsequent weekends. And hyping movie stars' lavish lifestyles is a sport. One the stars hire publicists to ensure they win.

        In reality, the entire movie industry is not very big. Global movie revenue in 2011 was $33 billion. Wal-Mart's was $422 billion. One chain of discount stores is 13X as big as all of the moviemakers combined. As for banks, BAC=$132B, JPM=$115B, C=$111B, CRARF=$105B, HBC=$103B, and STD=$100B. And those are just the ones over $100B revenue, not counting "insurance companies."

        And really, the movie stars are doing something you're glad to pay a few dollars for. You buy a ticket and you get to laugh, cry, learn, and build memories. The banks make you pay to watch your own money slide out of a slot in a grubby box. And they don't pay interest any more. They've cut "value" out of their proposition entirely, and own your business based on fear.

        And they have a remarkably small range of emotion, and their acting is transparent, and the special effects in their productions are almost nonexistent. As big a tool as Tom Cruise is, he's a lot more entertaining than Lloyd Blankfein, and only about half as evil.

    • Whoops "Dec 6th" read Nov 6th.....

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