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  • nickspinner Nov 26, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

    Why does the Left invest???

    The Left contends that:

    1) Capitalism is evil.

    2) Corporations are evil.

    3) The stock market is a tool of the rich, who use it to exploit and oppress labor and the poor, the proletariat.

    4) Money made via the stock market is "unearned," resulting merely from the shifting, manipulation, and gaming of capital. No "sweat equity" is involved in profiting from stock market trades.

    5) Speaking of profit, the Left believes that profit is evil, a belief embodied in such slogans as "People before profit."

    So tell me, Leftists, why do you invest? By investing, you are violating every precept, tenet, and conviction that you hold dear, the sum and substance of your entire ideology and worldview -- every last scintilla of it.

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    • Prominent leftist investors like Warren Buffet and George Souros know that the dramatic shift in the tax burden away from the rich and on to the middle class since 1969 is the main cause of the economic problems we have now. Today the richest 3% pay 50% of the federal taxes and the other 97% pay 50%. If the tax rates of the top 3% were increased by 50% and the tax rate on the bottom 97% were cut by 50% the same amount of revenue would be generared but unemployement would be reduce to below 5% since the lower income people have a much higher marginal propensity to consume.. If the tax rates of the top 3% were increased by 50% and the tax rate on the bottom 97% were cut by 50% that would just bring us to the relative tax burdens that existed in 1969.

    • Why such an extremist view? Peoples political and social beliefs are not black and white they're shades of grey. A statement such as "The right hates everyone but themselves" is just as wrong. Both sides care about their family and neighbors the same and want whats best for everyone. They just see things a little differently. My advice to you would be to turn off the TV news and calm down, it will be okay.

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    • I do it to #$%$ off the rich and show them that I too can make money despite their best attempts to destroy decent people.

    • The left is on welfare of some kind. They have no money. They have plenty of time to criticize.

    • It must be wonderful to be simple-minded such as you are. Everything is black and white with you. There's no gray area, not even between your ears. What I wonder, is why so-called conservatives destroy the environment rather than conserve it and why they think corporations are people. Why do conservatives think it's OK to privatize profits and socialize risks?

    • you have to stop the q-tip when there's resistance!

    • To you anyone who doesnt buy the radical stupidity coming out of the republican party is a leftist.

      I posted nothing but mainstream economics, stuff that was taken for granted by both parties before 09 but is now considered radical by this group of rightwing cave people who emerged squinting in the harsh sunlight after the 08 elections.

      For posting mainstream economics, I was branded a 'communist' and invited off the board.

      If you are rightwing, you are either stupid or dishonest, but in either case delusional. Everything the right says is counter factual and rages against modest common sense.

      And, no reits r us, I want stop posting. $$$hole.

    • My ol' Pop usedta say, If youre not a radical in your Twenties, ya got no balls..if youre not a liberal when when you hit Thirty, ya got no heart...AND if youre not Conservative when youre in your Forties...well.. ya got no brain.

    • Actually the song remains the same "poor man wants to be rich, rich man wants to be king, and a king aint satisfied until he rules everything"

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Nov 26, 2012 5:34 PM Flag

      1. Reductio ad Absurdum. Capitalism is not evil. Unregulated capitalism is evil.

      2. Same type of fallacy. Corporations can be and often are evil when they forget that their customers, employees, neighbors, and shareholders, but not they, are human.

      3. Simple confusion. You're mistaking capitalism=crowd-funding of corporations for capitalism=ownership of production. Of course, the people running the corporate hegemony want you to confuse the two, so you will justify their behavior in order to avoid indicting yourself, even though you're not responsible for the evil, they're just using your money to keep them in power to commit it.

      4. True but incomplete. What's omitted is your presumption that a "leftist" investor would think that unearned income is prima facie bad. And your presumption is false. The "leftist" investor would only think that taxing unworked-for income less than worked-for income is bad. And it is.

      5. Fallacy of the excluded middle. Profit is not evil, putting profit before people is evil, and putting people before profit is altruism. To believe these are the only two possibilities is the fallacious part. There's plenty of room to profit without doing evil things to people.

      And your summary statement is just hyperbole.

      So tell me, why is it you're so wrong about something your tone indicates you feel you're so right about? Is it because you feel so dirty funding capitalism, when it doesn't have to be dirty, as long as you decide not to do it in a dirty way?

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