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  • tommy1959 tommy1959 Nov 26, 2012 5:32 PM Flag

    Why does the Left invest???

    Your post is a good example of why the rightwing lost the last election: you are completely out of touch with reality. Speaking for my liberal brethren, we do not believe capitalism is evil, that corporations are evil or that profit is evil. Capitalism represents one of the crowning achievments of human rights as well as a great way to run the economy.

    Liberals believe that the USA is the greatest country in history and that essential to keeping it great is a well-funded government that has the resources to keep us safe, make the investments that will keep us great and meet the challenges of the 21st century. That means that wealthy Americans, including myself, pay more in taxes and that very wealthy Americans pay a lot more. Under President Eisenhower, the highest federal tax rate was 91%, yes 91%, and the rate increased every ten thousand dollars or so rather than just having 3 or 4 rates. While I do not advocate a 91% tax rate, the uber-rich can afford to pay, say 50%, on income over, say, $100 million. Otherwise, you are balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class who are truly suffering. As to preferntial tax treatment of dividends, I agree with that great liberal, Ronald Reagan, who said that the tax on the fruits of a man's labor should never be less than the tax on the fruits of his capital. If Ronnie was alive today, he'd never make it in the GOP -- far too liberal for the tea party nut jobs.

    P.S.: most liberals also acknowledge the need for entitlement reform and we would have had it 2 years ago if the Tea Party hadn't refused to agree to any tax hike.

    I am always amused that right wingers will readily volunteer their or their neighbors sons and daughters to die in foreign wars for the US, but won't ante up a few bucks for the country they purport to love. When Bush I and Clinton increased the taxes on wealthy Americans in the 1990's, we had 10 years of prosperity and balanced budgets. Of course, right wing nut jobs may not remember the 1990's because they were preoccupied at the time trying to impeach Clinton for lying about getting a hummer. If only our current problems were so insignificant we could waste our time investigating the sex habits of the president.

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