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  • ovicp ovicp Nov 26, 2012 5:46 PM Flag

    Stock gurus

    Quite a few have disappeared from AGNC board. The only one posting good and conservative ideas is Doc, but likes of Ephort, XX and specially Angrad are somewhere licking their wounds.

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      Angrad has only suffered two (2) trading losses (total) in the several years he has been trading, while racking up several million in gains. Another poster calculated that his average return was roughly 300% yearly for the 7 years he has been trading.

    • Good to hear from you XX, didnt see your post and I was getting worried. I am glad you are doing well with NYMT since it went down so much. I am still holding WMC ( not much hope) and took a dip today on AGNC 33/30 short puts.
      Good luck XX

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      • My only big pain right now is WMC.
        I'm still down a little over $2 a share on the shares I'm holding.
        And I'm holding more than I want to keep long term, so I may end up selling more for a loss.

        I tried buying calls on WMC to help with my mess on the shares, but the premium was huge.
        So unfortunately I wasn't able to get any calls (err or wasn't willing to pay the premium being asked).

        I think I'm mostly ok on NYMT as long as it doesn't take a huge drop since I was able to get the cost average of my Calls way down.
        My shares in my dividend portfolio are down about .25 or so... that's ok because I've been getting the dividend.

    • *scratches head* I'm here Ovic?

      Licking my wounds?
      Actually I was pretty STOKED today. See my other post from today about the sky is not falling. : )

      I didn't go on a grand shopping spree, but I more than doubled down my NYMT options which got me back in black for the Jan 5's, bought some NLY calls, bought an AGNC bull spread, bought some more PSEC calls, bought some BMY calls, rotated some of my AGNC to MTGE.
      No MLP action.
      Those are my relevant trades based on what people like to talk about here.

      The only thing that isn't really going strong from my recent purchases is the NLY calls.
      I'm sitting at break even on them I think as of today.

      I have some older WMC 20's that are about 50% underwater still.
      And I did sell some of my WMC for a loss. I don't want to make it sound like everything is rosy!

      Beyond that, I am just praying we don't fall off the fiscal cliff.

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