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  • channelcat57 channelcat57 Nov 29, 2012 3:46 AM Flag

    Fiscal Cliff

    I think that anybody who wants to be a doctor should have to start as a nurse, cleaning bed pans, recording vital signs, etc.The fed govt should then provide education for those who will spend the three or so hours after their paid shift to advance their medical education. after some years, where those who desire to rise will do so through hard work, and become doctors. Since the training is standardized and treatments administered to a real world norm, the concept of 'entitlement' to extravagant wages to what really amounts to highly skilled labor would be dulled, the Church of the Medical Establishment less exalted, and the costs reduced because health care professionals would be that, not pimps for big pharma. The Cuban model..medicine is a trade...
    I live near Oakland..Highland Hospital surgeons are bored unless someone comes in with gunshot wounds... you can get treatment with food stamps..
    if that is what expert medical attention is, and is worth, because something is worth the lowest price it can be had for, why should healthcare costs sucking dollars out of the middle class economy be viewed any differently than our leaders spending trillions on useless wars.

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    • U.S. health care is a highly developed business designed to produce profits. Take a look at the UN World Health Organization (WHO) reports. Out of 195 countries the U.S. and Luxembourg are tied for most costly health costs per capita (about $8000), but are rated under many countries in actual health care delivered to their people. Cuba, for instance, rates higher in several categories than the U.S. at less than 10% of the cost per capita ($700).

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      • Rehashed many times on this board and elsewhere. Ask yourself a simple question, why do all of the heads of foreign countries come to the US for their medical care?

        The reason your numbers are skewed is that we(US) are the largest supplier of tertiary care. That care includes the heroic and experimental efforts to prolong life, from neonatal(premature birth, birth defects, etc) to end of life...experimental drugs, heart, liver transplants, etc).

        Therefore we have higher morbidity(death) rates because of the higher population base receiving this tertiary care. So when you read about the US having higher live birth death rates it is because of our efforts in this arena of tertiary care.

        Like so many other "statistics", you can make them work for whatever your cause might be. So look at the promoters of these numbers with an eye to their agenda.


      • jess_1554 !!! Cuba has three levels of healthcare ,the top level for Communist leaders and the wealthy ,a second level for tourists and a bottom level for the rest of the population. A Canadian tourist was injured in a accident and was taken to a bottom level facility because of the distance to another facility. The bottom level had a nurse but no bandages,anticeptic or simple pain kill like aspirins. The nurse make a phone call and some time later supplies were droped off. Things are great in Cuba if you are Communist leader.
        Anyone who would rate medical care in Cuba as superior to the United States is being very dishonest. Medical care in Cuba for the general population is comparable to the US in the 19 century.

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