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  • fit4life16 fit4life16 Dec 3, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    Crazy right wingers that want to tax the poorest

    Stopped reading at can't support yourself if you make 15k/year. Supporting yourself at 15k a year is as easy as it gets. I live in the most expensive city in Michigan (downtown ann arbor), and I have no problem surviving at under $200/month for food (including going out to restaurants, all I eat everyday is milk, bread, peanut butter, pasta, chicken, whey protein and salad. This is extremely healthy, and costs me an average of $4/day.) I have my own bedroom, and rent costs me $500/month including electricity/gas/water. Car issuance plus gas totals $200/month. Gym membership costs $30/month.

    I personally live off of sub 15k/year (I'm a college student, so I only make money 3 months per year), and I still have enough spare money to go on cruises, fly to Asia, fly to different parts of usa, and go out drinking/eating out. My parents do not fund me for this, and no I don't have kids or a wife, but Americans are extremely wasteful people, and complain about how they are struggling to eat when they weigh 250 pounds. I can guarantee they can all their macro and micro nutrients in with $100/month.

    I will be making over 60k my first year out of college in the following months, and despite moving to Chicago, I will live like I make a 30k salary. Living within your means is not a difficult concept.

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    • You're living off student loans. When you work, 15k is taxed with state, SS and medicare tax.

      And don't lie, you're getting money from money and daddy. I paid my own way for college and I did not travel. I studied, worked, and got my feet wet in the stock market. In fact, I did not travel until I was making a high income from my business. Silly child.

      Let me know when you're in the real world kid. I have a college degree and built a successful business.

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      • My parents are paying for tuition, I'm paying for everything else. I normal Joe is not paying for tuition while working his full time job though, so this would not be a fair comparison.

        No, I make my 15k/year by working an internship like most college kids do these days. So I'm essentially making $20/hour for just 3-4 months (the summer), to survive for 12 months. I pay taxes, more than the average 15k/year person in fact, because I"m making slightly over 1k/week (yes I work over 40 hours/week in case you were testing my math).

        I just calculated my expenses over the last 12 months. It was $14,792. And yes, I made slightly more than 15k (it was more like 18k, was just rounding bc you said 15k). During that 12 months I traveled to Toronto, New Orleans, New York City, Chicago, and just purchased a ticket to Seattle a couple days ago. I fund myself, (and a large portion of my girlfriend) for everything I do. If I can survive off of 3-4 months of employment at $20/hour and still travel, I don't see how working $8/hour for 12 months can really be that challenging.

    • I have always said that an obese poor person is an oxymoron. I don't shop at Wal-Mart normally but every once in a while I go in one when I'm out of town to get something and I look at the people shopping in there and the only word that comes to mind is “diabetes”. But the fact is that you can eat a very healthy diet for almost nothing, that is, if you eat to live and don’t live to eat. I like to eat fish that contains omega-3 so unfortunately I spend more to do that. And my wife insist on range fish instead of farmed so that bumps it up a notch as well.

      I had a roommate once that used to live off of almost nothing. It amazed me how little he could live on. And he still managed to play a few rounds of golf a month at the local golf course that was associated with the community college. I never met someone who was so happy and spent so little money doing it. He drove an VW bug and did all his own mechanics. At the time we both shared the hobby of remote control glider flying. We would go to a cliff overlooking the ocean where the wind hits the cliff and then is forced upward. You can stand there for hours and never land your plane as the lift created by this updraft rarely ceases. This is because the air over the Pacific Ocean is colder than the air over ground so there is always an inward blow. If you crash your planes a lot then this could be an expensive hobby but if you are careful you never crash it. The last I saw him he was still flying the same plane as when I met him. I’m sure it had been repaired many times.

      I seriously doubt that this guy has a cell phone. It would not be like him to spend money on something like that because he could get by with the land line. Yet I bet you that most people who are considered to be poor do have a cell phone.

      I had to pay for cable myself because he didn’t want to. I was fine with that because if I had not gotten cable he would have done without. But I let him watch it of course. He only drank water because it was free relatively speaking. And it turns out that this is the healthiest habit anyway. At the time I drank beer and he always refused when I offered him one because he said he could not return the favor. An old friend of his died and he inherited $40k which he used to go to school to get a degree in IT (computers). Now he makes a more however I doubt he spends that much more. And the whole time I knew him he was one of the happiest guys I knew and he never mooched off of anyone. He always declined offers to go out and eat because he did not want to spend the money. He would not even eat at McDonalds as he felt it was too expensive. When I think of the people I admire in life, he is one of them. Never complained about his circumstances and never imposed on others and a great guy to get along with. If I had lived as he had I would have a lot of money in the bank.

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      • This is 100% my whole point. Being poor and obese is the biggest oxymoron. Skim milk costs $2.50 per gallon for 1280 calories. I bought 2 jars of peanut butter for $13. That is 13,000 calories in that. Whole wheat pasta costs $1 for Kroger's 14 oz container. 1400 calories and a lot of fiber right there. 100 pack daily multivitamin is $10. 250 pack omega 3 fish oils is $13. Whole wheat bread is $2 for 1600 calories and a lot of fiber. Chicken is $2/pound for 520 calories and 92 grams of protein. Whey protein costs $100 for 10 pounds (this lasts about 80 days at 2 servings/54 grams of protein)

        Now I'm heavily into weight lifting, so these are "weight lifting" foods, but all of these foods are extremely cheap and extremely healthy. I quite literally live off of everything I just typed above (with maybe some spices and seasonings for flavoring, but that stuff lasts forever).

        There is NOTHING expensive about being healthy. Gym membership costs $30, most poor people probably go to McDs or Taco Bell 5 times per month. That is also $30. If people don't want to live a healthy and fiscally responsible life that is their problem, but I should not be paying their health insurance, and their food because they would rather buy chips than go out and run a 5k.

    • Not a difficult concept to understand. But... It is still just a concept. Got any more fantastic advise? Today I've learned how to be a responsible dog owner, how to eat well, blah blah blah.

    • you are completely incorrect. Another fine liar.

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