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  • hgff101 hgff101 Dec 3, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    Fiscal cliff job creators

    The crash of 08 and the election of Barack Obama has caused a lot of latently irrational people to openly express their irrationality. They feed off each others statements and get reinforcement and from talk radio.

    Like anyother human endeavor, there are a lot of business people who simply dontbknow what they are doing, some manage to get by on luck.

    You might own a business but thats no indicator that you have the faintest clue what you are talking about, which your statement shows is the case.

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    • anti_you Dec 3, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

      Im sorry,
      You must be a college student with no real life experience...
      No successful small business owners make it on luck.
      You make your own luck

      Thats the problem with liberals, you think if you fail it must be the system. ( it couldnt be you)
      If someone succeeds it is luck, or wealth., or the govt.
      Not everyone is the same, everyone has a different work ethic, some people work harder than others. Its not everyone's station in life to own a house, or a car, or an iphone.

      When you graduate and grow up you will learn this.
      Best of luck in school.

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      • Anti_you, you are making my point about your irrationality by saying you are disregarding the most basic first year B-school basics.

        Why have you changed the focus of the conversation from income tax to sales tax?

        Ive seen countless real life examples of business owners who eke out a measly living and have no business sense. They may have inherited the business, bought one with a windfall, or started a business because they dont have the personality to hold And keep a job.

        Guys like you are hurting themselves pretty bad these days, like the florida buffoon who put out a messgae to customers encouraging them to reduce their tipping the wait staff because of Obamacare. The backlash from the public (to you its not the public, its just people who dont matter) was such that the franchise had to distance itself from the buffoon.

        If you convey your irrationality to your employees and they have any sense, they will drop you like a stone as soon as the job market gets better.

      • Most business owners are complete trash, as human beings they are lacking. Money becomes an obsession with them and drives the desperation of their search for meaning in their lives.

    • Anti_you, Let me be as careful to illustrate what we are dealing with here by pointing out what you have conveyed to us as your methods of planning to size production for demand in your business:

      You stated that instead of using any measures or current demand and forcasting, or keeping up with the leading economic indictors and local economic macro forcasting, you simply assume that a tax increase will automatically cause a drop in demand, and you lay off workers even before seeing any confirmatory signs of your assumption.

      This is how you run your business?

      Does that mean that whe you saw all the tax cuts in 08 you ramped up hiring in anticipation of increased demand due to lower taxes and thats how you prepared ofr the recession of 08-09?

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