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  • ray858945 ray858945 Dec 4, 2012 4:10 PM Flag

    Hgff101 is a college student...

    Hgff ...

    Don't worry what people say. Express your opinion with respect and humility, but otherwise you are entitled to your opinion. If other people do not return the courtesy, that's their problem. Frankly, I wish more young people considered the world they are inheriting, and more old people would consider what they are leaving behind.

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    • Like I said in another post;
      I like and respect Olee, YBF, and others of the same political view.
      Its the repect and humility you mentioned.
      Actually YBF its more about humor, and his sarcasm.

      When I retire I will travel around, visit and get drunk with many of the people on this board.

    • I agree with Ray's take on this. Though my life experience leads me to believe that hgff is no spring chicken, and is probably older than most posters here.

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      • You think he is just an idiot?

        How can anyone go through life and observe daily what goes on while objectively assessing people’s actions in the context of human nature and not come to the conclusion that the advocates of both political parties are just acting in behalf of their own selfish interest and that anything they say otherwise is just to gain favor by those who may be naive enough to believe them? The simple fact is the rich don’t want to be taxed because they want to keep their money. The poor want to tax them because they want to take their money and use it for themselves. There is no altruism in any of it. Anyone who thinks there is has been taken for a fool. There is no group of people working together for some noble cause. Even if you go to the offices of these charitable organizations you will find that they basically consist of a lot of people who work there because it’s a well paying job. If you cut their pay they would leave for the next well paying job. The people in government work there because they get good pay and benefits and could really care less if they provide a quality service to the tax payer to whom they are suppose to serve. The fact is they will fleece you for everything they can get if given the chance and use unions as their tool to exploit the public. That is the reality of it. Believe what you want but there is not tooth fairy. We should all do what is good for ourselves as individuals and if we do it will all average out.

        To the poor the definition of fair is I pay nothing and you pay everything. To the poor Hispanic immigrate even the middle class seem too rich and undeserving to keep what they have earned but should be forced to give more too them. It is all a matter of perception as to where you draw the line and the definition of wealth is relative and is perceived differently depending on who you are.

        I have never been able to understand how someone can pay $100 million in taxes and somehow they aren’t paying their fair share. What have they received in return for their contribution? Not even a thank you I can guarantee that. Nor can I understand how someone who has paid nothing has paid their fair share. They take but give nothing in return, not even some form of community service to express their gratitude to those who did yet they somehow are perceived as deserving.

        There are no poor people in the US anymore. We are way beyond that. In fact, the poor in the US are referred to as rich peasants by others in the world who have much less than them. Where else in the world can a family, that is defined as being below the line of poverty, have a family plan and a cell phone for each child. The definition of poor in the US has not been defined anymore by whether you can feed, cloth, and put shelter over your family’s head because everyone has that now days. It is now defined as having less money than most other people which is a condition that will always exist no matter how affluent we become and the only way to eliminate this condition is a state of communism. The fact is that what many people want is unobtainable by definition less we abandon our current political system in favor of one that forces people to work for equal pay, something most would never agree to do unless enslaved.

        What was considered to be middle class when I was a child is now considered to be poor today. My family would buy me two pairs of pants and 3 shirts a year to wear to school and I thought that was fine yet people who are considered poor today have a wardrobe that I never imagined as a child with designer labels or knock offs so they can look like they do.

        My son had a 3.85 GPA but was not able to get any financial aid. I managed to put him through college for $22k a year. The daughter of my maid, who is Hispanic, was given $25k a year in aid and she was a C student. I can only imagine how much money they will shower on her younger sister who has mostly A’s. They will graduate with savings and will not pay a dime of their own.

        I think the pendulum has already swung too far and yet it is never enough. The fact is that it will never be enough. You can never satisfy the hungry beast. It always wants more than you are feeding it today.

      • By "Ray" I meant ray858945.

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