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  • hgff101 hgff101 Dec 3, 2012 3:13 PM Flag

    job creation or destruction

    Reminds me of sellers who will tell their listing realtor a price they wamt because its what they need, having no resemblance to the market price.

    Or slobs who are sloppy w their labor cost and have slack to fire, or $$$holes who will stick it to employees and pushdown their stupid 3% on their employees.

    You losers will run numbers w 3% against the entire 250k not just tge excess because you are idiots who cant understand marginal rates wout the help of some college educated accountant.

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    • People who have unrealistic prices dont really want to sell, this is not a socialist country there is no price regulation on houses its called free market. -NO REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE

      I guess sloppy with labor costs means paying people better than minimum wage?
      In this example the govt is sticking it to the employees.
      Or this business owner can go home and fire his gardener or housekeeper,
      Either way the government is doing it .- NO REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE

      It does not make a difference about the marginal tax rate. If I am taking home less money it has got to come from somewhere. Every extra dollar of taxes is a dollar not spent on payroll, or buying a good or a service that will stimulate the economy - you obviously dont take home a salary or have a household budget because you don't undertand it. - NO REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

      you are a kid living in a book, go get a job , get married, have a couple of kids.

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      • Here is a man who thinks he can arbitrarily set prices and wage rates and has spent 22 years either over overcharging/undercharging, overpaying/underpaying based on his own whim and thinks I have no real world experience.

        You think you can set wages and prices based on your whims. And you do remind me of someone who has no idea what their house is worth, just as you have no idea what the price of our product is worth - you just think you can set the price like some king or socialist.

        What you say about the marginal tax rate confirms my suspician that you couldnt even calculate your own taxes if your life depended on it. Need to rely on one of those college eggheads.

        You are an irrational person who does not understand the first thing about business regardless of owning one or not. Also, you have a tendency to make stuff up in order to protect your baseless misconceptions. You freaking think you are talking to a college student because I am talking about the basic stuff you have no clue about.

        And like the buffoon who suggested tothe public that they should reduce their tips to compensate for Obamacare, you live in a world of like-thinking Buffoons who are surprised when people push back against their ludicrous bigotries and misconceptions, as that restaurant owner found when the franchise had to apologize for him and say they do not condone his stupid views.

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