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  • macbride247 macbride247 Dec 3, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    Fair taxes for everyone!!!!

    What if the Government came up with a equitable Sales Tax like 10 or 15% or what ever, so every last American would pay their fare share, the very rich would on their fancy cars and lobster tails and the less fortunate on their Twinkies and Orange Pop etc,etc. What do ya think???

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    • FTFY.

      Focussing on just one source of rich folks' wealth accumulation is missing the whole point of ensuring everyone's effort is fairly valued.

    • I think the government should use taxes to persuade people to conserve our limited resources. Tax gasoline so people use less of it. Tax coal because it pollutes the air more than natural gas. Clean air is a resource. Tax cars by weight and not the price because heavy cars use more resources for materials and are less fuel efficient thus encouraging manufacturers to make lighter cars that get better gas mileage and conserve resources. Tax higher valued homes (improvements, not the land) because they waste natural resources building a home larger than anyone realistically needs. Make people pay more when they waste the limited resources from which we all must share and will some day run out. Weigh a person’s trash at collection, excluding lawn clippings and the like, and make them pay proportionally for the amount of land fill space they are wasting.

      Make the people who are screwing up the planet pay for it. If they want to be resource gluttons then make them pay to be resource gluttons as they our wasting our future resources as well as theirs. Our children and grand children will thank us for it.

      Don't give people a tax break for having more children because they are over populating the planet. Don't enable them be a part of the world population problem. Make them pay for exasperating the overpopulation problem and charge them a tax credit for every child over 3.

      Use taxes to get people stop doing the things that are creating long term problems for the rest of us. Reward people for good behavior and punish wasteful behavior. This won’t impact the poor unless they are baby factories which in that case they need some tough love anyway.

    • You want it to be equitable, then you should do this...

      3% tax on food and other consumer staples
      6% tax on cars under 20k, houses under 300k, consumer products (dishwashers, fridge, etc)
      10% tax on non-essential goods (60inch led tvs)
      40% tax on luxury items (your diamonds, 60k mercedes, 1 mil homes)

      And yes, I'm all for abolishing the IRS, but a flat tax is anything but fair.

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