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  • alw59saw alw59saw Dec 5, 2012 2:24 PM Flag

    PLEASE TELL ME WHY ALL THE REITS (opinions) on why ALL the reits are tanking today

    It's Blue Chip day in the market. Mutual Funds and large institutional trading today is in the "big" name blue chips stocks (Microsoft, GE, Bank of America, etc.) are all up 1% - 2% today. Investors are pulling money out of other investments and betting on the Blue Chips (also means a lack of buying in the other stocks so that it becomes a seller's market in non-Blue Chippers today).

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    • I think you've got it - this was my read as well. I looked for info and mostly saw a new resignation but that wasn't at the MBNA.

      I conclude it is money moving around. I don't get a sense of panic that we had several weeks ago.

      Still expecting $1.25 this Q, possibly a cut to $1.15 into next year though I think it can be sustained. I also think ARR will stay 9 cents Q1, and with Operation Twist ending the spreads will open up a bit even if the fed keeps QEInfinity rolling into the new year.



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    • Yup, BAC is on my watch. I think it will go up a little more today before I buy puts. Also look at the diversion of the Dow vs Nasdaq. Dow up and Nasd down by just about equal percentage.

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      • Sledge, I have been long 3000 BAC at 10.51 for the longest time.
        Bought it on the way down years ago...Last couple of rallies I made nice cash on some calls.
        I did consider exiting the position since any loss incurred on the stock would be a wash on my options profits.- never did it
        Now I am a breakeven on the stock and am thinking exactly what you are thinking.
        I was thinking some kind of bear spread. Any suggestions?

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