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  • theodore_millon_phd theodore_millon_phd Dec 6, 2012 2:55 PM Flag

    Subject “ hgff101”

    Narcissist Personality Disorder.( NPD)

    hgff101 is quite impressed with himself, he is educated and wants everyone to know it.
    Narcissists think they will get love buy showing the world how smart they are or how rich they are or how many achievements they’ve made. (see his posts)
    He may be unemployed. He spends a lot of time on the MBs. In one post he boasts about being independently wealthy …but then in another he talked about deciding to retire early.
    Put these two things together and I see the subject with a good degree (probably #$%$ Political Science an MBA) and no job. He believes with his credentials he should be independently wealthy and should be able to retire early.
    Oh, and he is angry about this too. He feels the “system” has screwed him. hgff101 has posted that he is Latino so he must also see this as some great “social injustice.” (It couldn’t be him or his attitude, no way.) Narcissists feel a great deal of shame deep down, and these political posts, proclaiming his vast business and political knowledge are the way he combats that shame.

    The subject also thinks that his way of thinking is right and all others are wrong. In his mind he must go and “correct” those who support the “system” that has failed him. He will badger them on the MBs and start new topics to continue his political debates thereby bringing them into the spotlight rather than buried in a thread. This constant “crusade” is a way to justify his psychosis. In waging this war he thinks he is no longer a failure. He is a super hero. The rational person knows that one cannot “convert” someone else’s political views; only personal experience will. Continuing the argument with the subject is feeding his psychosis. To the narcissist any attention is good because it keeps him in the spotlight.

    Prognosis: If everyone were to simply ignore the subject he will leave. Continuing the argument with the subject is feeding his psychosis. To the narcissist any attention is good because it keeps him in the spotlight. He craves attention and to be heard. Once he gets neither, he will just go away.

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    • Can't disagree. I believe that he is "lenloc" from the MTGE board. He used to argue with reikreik so relentlessly that it has killed the MTGE board. No one can post anything else there without being over-whelmed by their posts. Most normal posting is now gone from that board, and, with fewer people reading it, I think lenloc has moved here with another screen name. I'm worried that's this board's fate as well. Everyone should put HG on ignore, and keep your eyes open for his next name. GL.

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      • Ray, same thought came to mind when I read that he owned 85-100 different stocks as that is what lenloc claims as well.

      • Had to look up lenloc, ray I had you pegged as a non gallerian, but looking at lenlocs posts, and wondering how anyone could mistake me with those posts, all I can say is the best may to go out is with a theatre of the absurde statement to highlight the absurdity of these discussions:

        "I am not lenloc"

        Have fun with the stimulating discussions with raybans2 and mr.phil2you.

        I gotta get outta here!

      • Yes, Ray, I am much different from you and the others here. You and the others here dontt post your resume, talk about yourselves or get involved in political discussions Like I did, (irony) and so I am too different to be accepted.

        You can go back to normal where 10-15 right wing messeges are obsessively posted per day here by the same people over and over.

        Have fun discussing the 'Godhead' and the dangers of runaway socialism.

    • Youve spent a lot of effort and studied me in depth.

      You dont think your post is creepy at all, do you?

    • Alas, he is the only person I currently have on ignore. The conclusion I came to is anything that comes out of his head is a waste of my time to digest. You could never persuade him with facts because he isn't interested in making sure that he has his facts straight. Unlike most who would take note if they become aware that they may have something wrong, if for no other reason but to avoid the humiliation of stating such wrong things in the future, I don't think he cares.

      There could be a cultural issue here. I have noticed that in some cultures that it is not taken so much as a matter of personal humiliation if you say something wrong after you have stated it emphatically. From my cultural back ground if you’re not sure about something it is considered your personal responsibility to construct your sentence in a way that lets the other person know that you are expressing an opinion that you are not absolutely sure about and are open to other people’s interpretations that may differ. And if you fail to do this well enough to avoid confusion then to explain yourself more clearly later. I don’t think that babe_in_the_woods_101 has a similar amount of reticence toward avoiding factual mishaps. I would not be surprised if he comes from a cultural back ground where telling little lies in conversation for the sake of influencing a position is normal and often over looked because it is not that uncommon among peers. Being in the Los Angeles area and working with people from laterally 100s of different cultures I have found that some characteristics that are avoided by the predominately British culture that I grew up in are considered normal within other cultures. Just listen to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, talk and one wonders with amazement how he does not feel personal humiliation with much of what he says as much of it is obvious distortions however if you have met a lot of Iranians and place him in that cultural context you would find nothing out of the ordinary in his behavior. It is bazaar to us but not to them. I’m guessing that clueless_of_life101 is simply acting in ways that he is familiar with. It’s no more complex than that.

    • Wow T_m_p,

      I thought I was the only narcissist on the board...;-) You are pretty astute my friend.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is really good. holy cow.

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