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  • capecoralvorlon capecoralvorlon Dec 7, 2012 7:23 AM Flag

    Get a clue

    "Everything happening on this board is what happens when one attacks right wingers. Its like starting a fight with a street person, you cant win. "

    I don't know, maybe if you didn't "attack" and "start fights", You might have a positive outcome. Do you even think about what you type? What kind of response did you think these actions would create? I can't speak for anyone else but, I try not to attack or start fights with anyone.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Dec 7, 2012 4:06 PM Flag

      But they perceive attacks where there are none. It's why they're right-wingers. They imagine evil and enemies, and waste our money on them. Then they imagine that the fact that it's our money at all is an attack, and they work to stop from having to pay their share.

      The cognitive dissonance involved in their positions is significant.

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      • Wow YBF,,

        Are we sure your other ID is not Howie's? You are in the camp of Broad Generalizations of the Ignorant Few(BGIF), with that ignorant diatribe. I don't paint all liberals as miserable losers who have no clue(I thought you as one of the exceptions). Maybe I was wrong. I had given you props for not using a broad brush to paint all those in groups the same color. Are you hgff101?


      • The speed with which they close ranks and relentlessly go after me. Its like being hosed down with a stereotype/cliche flame thower. One of them started following me around, how manybhours is he spending shifting through my posts.

        The most basic impulse we are talking about here is to pick a group and relentlessly sterotype, demonize, and scapegoat.

        Can you imagine being J in Berlin in say 1933 just as it was starting. What it must have been like that first day in the office, when it was just unleashed on you with nothing to keep it in check?


    • Good point. Some people just cant refrain from tilting at windmills.

      Once they get you focused on me personally, they take the glare off of their half-baked toxic political ideas, so maybe I dont tilt very well, and they win.

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      • Howie,

        I enjoy the discussions with liberal progressives who offer cogent reasoning, such as YBF, Ray, Randy(where are you), and others. They stay with the issues and away from ad hominem attacks( berating the poster). They argue the merits of their ideas and do not attack their opponents profession, ethnicity, family, income, or social standing.

        You have attacked most of these in order to do what? That's right! In order to set yourself up as"The Victim". Then, once established, in your mind, that you have attained this status, you have self justification to rail against the enemy(a message board's participants).

        This is pretty common with many in our society and it is key in Saul Alinsky's book, "Rules for Radicals".

        Just a couple (from Alinsky's book):

        Fourth and fifth rule: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon
        13 th rule: Pick the target...freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

        Sound familiar? Most welcome cogent reasoning. Your main offerings have been attempts to attack, berate, and marginalize. Then you declare "unfair" when the expected angst occurs against such tactics. Reminds me of a belligerent child who continues to be rowdy in the car on a family vacation. Dad whacks the kid, and the kid cries, " UNFAIR!" You are that kid Howie.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Read the profile posted by Theodore Millon.
      It will all make sense then. He is trying to save the world from capitalism.
      The system that failed him.
      When he loses a fight he tries to make the other guy look like the bad guy.

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