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  • hgff101 hgff101 Dec 7, 2012 6:50 PM Flag

    Last observation

    And this all started ramping up just after I poked fun at reits for being an optometrist as opposed to a medical md, and spun out of control when I talked about pharmas and optos as the consolation for not getting into med school.

    My apologies. Now believe it or not this is beatedly the last post.

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    • Thanks for the kind word, hgff..."beatedly"?

      I am sorry this thing got so political...I enjoyed the banter about options trading and other stocks that people were looking into, etc., on this board, so much better before it got political.

      My experience is that politics makes for bad bedfellows. (probably not the first to say that ;). It causes us to distrust people who we would otherwise find very informative and useful in one's decision making process. Most of you probably know that I learn left, most of the time, but not so much. I have made several comments about how I think we are really all centrists (except the truly weird amongst us).

      The two party system in this country has gotten so exaggerated as to make most of us not like either side, as publicly presented, very much.

      I think polls are the real problem...I just heard today that 58% of the population think President Obama is "doing a good job". Called his highest approval rating since bin Laden was killed.

      Two comments about can a bunch of people who just voted for the "other guy" (+/- 8% of the 58%) now think Obama's doing a good job?..and why is killing someone the only apparent way to get higher approval ratings? (I know who it was, but just the same...really??? they say, an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind).

      So...I haven't been as frequent a poster as many of you...and I'm not planning on never posting again, as you say you are, hgff, but I want to bid you farewell with this thought...when I first started reading your posts, they were full of very hurtful rhetoric...not to me, personally, but in general ways. That seems to have stopped. (mostly). I would like to think there is something in you that's worthwhile and maybe, with a continued effort at civility, this board could benefit from your presence...don't know, just saying....

      To those of you who I will still be participating with, on this board...sorry for encouraging further hgff-stuff, but with some mellowing, I think it may not be so useless as it seems to you now...

      to hgff, if you have really stopped reading this board, maybe someday you will read this and think realize it's motives are positive.

      PS...Hey the grammar, this time? :)...

      and to the rest of us, let's get back to helping each other make some money and learn about possibilities and different ideas for stock/option trading. There's plenty of sources to learn about left/right nonsense.

    • Sweet! Don't let the door smack you in the butt.

    • You know how it is when you've had the stomach flu with vomiting and diarrhea and you hope beyond hope it's finally over on the last flush. Well....;-)


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