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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Dec 7, 2012 9:49 PM Flag

    50 crosses 200 dma

    Hey SeaD,

    I thought you would have seen my recent updates for those(I can't remember who asked) interested in a really simple way to trade in and out of a stock. It does get you whipsawed quite often, but it is a small price(literally) to pay for keeping most of your moolah.

    It is simply to trade out of the stock as the PPS crosses down over the 28 day SMA and to buy the stock when the PPS crosses back up over the 28 day SMA, on a 3 month chart. Would have gotten you out about 34.70 in Sept and whipsawed you last week. You'd be waiting right now to get in again for the run. Try it SeaD! Back test it on your favorite stock. Don't ever say ole Doc wasn't there for you...;-)


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    • Ahhhh, the 28 day sma!!!! Of course. Of course. Everyone knows that. Makes perfect logic and infinite sense. But, why not the 27.12567459 day sma minus 3 toadal warts plus 5 persian cat hairs tied end-to-end ? :)

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      • Don't disparage advice that might make up for all of those bad losses you incurred with Warren Buffet's stock. Remember? Sorry, of course you do!

        Hey this smart retired independently wealthy(I listen to those folks) fisherman in Florida named John White, steered me to a number of indicators when I used to belong to an online group called ValueForum back in the '90's. Those were the 1990's. He used the 28DMA, MACD, RSI and Stochastics. This poster awhile back here wanted a simplistic system to get in and out. JW had been asked the same question you do. Why 28 days?

        He had back tested it over the years and it worked. Hey, I wasn't independently wealthy, you know...knowing your history here SeaD, if you place your trade with the point of your aluminum foil hat facing the North star, it is guaranteed to work every time.....good luck...;-)


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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