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  • garbonzo_123 garbonzo_123 Dec 17, 2012 11:40 AM Flag

    Doc - Data Mining

    Since you don’t have a life, apparently don’t sleep from the look of the time stamps on your posts AND are graciously willing to share your data mining on AGNC – I have a question. Does it shed any light on the time of day to sell someone’s calls? I’m probably going to bail-out on Thursday and am looking for some possible guidance.
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    • Funny Garbonzo_123,

      Subtract 3 hours from those time stamps as Yahoo posts EST and I am PST. My sleep commences usually @12:30 AM, which is still late, but I rarely am up before 7:00 AM, so I still get about 7-8 hours of sleep. Therefore my ruminations are usually(?) cogent and accurate concerning AGNC...;-).

      I figured the 1.16 AH posting was high, and that 50 cents would be more like it. As I said yesterday, the "No Luck Yet" stock will continue to drag down AGNC as they are paired in so many mutual/index funds. As folks unload that dog, AGNC gets dumped along with it. That unfortunately will be seen again as NLY most likely will have another dividend cut(my speculation) this week.

      To your question, 2 and 1/2 hours before the close on the majority of mundane days is historically the highest point of the day(average). Of course when good news is announced midday we see a climb into closing. As an example, just take the last 40 trading days as a sample, going back to Oct 16th. Look how many days closed within 15 cents of the high of the day. Answer, 10. The rest (75%) closed anywhere from 20-85 cents from the high(average 28 cents).

      So on the majority of days(even on the week before EX) the highs are not on the close. I think today will be one of the exceptions as Boehner caved on the taxes for the rich, so the FC might be avoided. That type of event drives us up to a high close. I, personally, am waiting until the open of my birthday(21st) to exit all long positions. I figure the world will end on that day anyway, so lets ride our beloved right into the ring of fire...;-)


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