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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Dec 27, 2012 6:14 AM Flag

    Opinions please

    I am a board orphan having excluded myself from the last board i was participating in.
    This is the best by FAR i have been looking at lately.
    I'm French , lived in the States as a kid , live in Patagonia now, have add and Full of typos so deal with me here.
    I managed my port for 11 years now,,, i am I know i know my dollars are worse half what they used to . At least i lived well without really working.
    The question is i just sold an apartment and i need 2% return/dividend on that capital in 3 to 4 month WITHOUT capital risk ...LOL. Just this one time If there is a place i want to listen it is here.....thanks in advance.
    Personally i,m thinking another reit AFTER some CLIFF downturn, maybe
    with some covered call. Maybe gold at the right time for a quick two....but those are my lame ideas i want yours! thanks again.

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    • DLTNX yields about 6% and pays a monthly dividend; if you jump in quickly you will capture this month's dividend.
      Four months in DLTNX should give you the 2% return that you seek. Remember, nothing is without risk, but DLTNX has been very steady over the last year, and has a terrific management team.

      Good luck.

    • Arwen, it's interesting that you mention you want no capital risk, but then you gave gold as a potential example. Gold is a pretty darn volatile place to put your $$! mREIT's are too at this point in time.

      I think you could have a reasonable shot at your objectives (low volatility, 6-8% annually, good degree of safety keeping in mind that nothing is risk free) if you focus on Preferred stocks. Instantwinbutton mentioned CYS-A, another couple you might want to consider are AGNC's preferred (AGNCP), and ARR's (ARRpA). If you are going to need the capital back in a matter of months then I would take a hard look at ARRpA in particular since the divs are monthly.

      Just a quick comment on covered calls.. I am a fan, but realize that to get much of a premium, especially over a relatively short period, then the underlying stock is going to need to have "some" volatility. That may defeat your purpose of avoiding risk to capital where possible...

      Doc: Thanks for the mention! Btw, I've recently started transitioning to a new handle (let's leave it at that for now).

    • Buy LUTHP for the quarterly payout and enter an option position on ALU for downside protection. You should get your 2%

    • arwen !!! I dont think there is a short term investment that pays 2% with no risk of capital loss. My choice would be a big bank Capital Trust Preferred Stock purchased at a small discount that pays 6%+ per year yield. In a 4 month period you could collect at least one Dividend of 40 cents (more or less) per $24-$25.10 share. One Dividend would be about a 1.6% + return,but there would always be a chance for a loss of capital. The only sure choices that could not risk capital loss would be a Federally insured account or making your mattress lumpy.

      Your style of writing reminded me of other logins used on this board.

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      • mr phil, and to others that mention preferred stock. In my humble opinion , it is ALMost as risky as common stock without the upside potencial. Puts and calls can also give you relief on a stock that has gone wrong. Can't do that with preffered. Maybe i am biassed , the only preffered i ever had was gm some 12 years ago, one of my first investments, we know how that turned out.

        OT and typical of my " writting style" . I inherited some product from my defaulted GM called MTLQU...never ever seen anything that much on fire before.

        Interesting and provocateur first thread.

    • Buy CYS-A

      Preferred stock. 7.75 percent yield at par ($25)

      Doesn't move much and has the safety of a bond.

    • Stern !!anonymous message boards are poor places to seek investment advice. Your post sounds like a take off point for a shill to start his option come on.

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      • Since your anger seems to be directed towards me, as I am the main option poster, why don't you say what you really feel mr.phil2u. Instead, in a hate filled spirit, you denigrate those things you apparently do not, nor want to understand. Worse, accusing those of us, who love options, of ulterior motives upon speaking about the same.

        My guess is that you know absolutely nothing about options and so you, like the "flat earth" advocates, cling to your private notions of truth while others circumnavigate the globe.

        My question is why are "you" here? The poster asked a seemingly legitimate question. This board has been, as he guessed, a place of learning and sharing, by those, who have made millions of dollars in the market. I feel safer here than going to your recommendation of VectorVest. I trialed their site, last year. For me it was worthless, except for some nice graphing software. I much rather hear Ray tell me about his recent holdings. You will learn much from him.

        I much rather hear Arsh and Rim and Taymere's, Ben's Bow's, X , XX, Onion's, Oj's, Turbo's, FN, the three Jim's, Jdg, and the many others(forgive me for excluding you others), right here, on the AGNC MB. You do not have credibility when you malign options, or this board. AGNC's board is unique, and those of us here try to keep it that way through informative posts. Your reply to the original poster supplied more of your invective and no help. It is typical of your contribution to date.

        My question remains, if you think so little of Yahoo mb's, why are you here and the corollary, what is your agenda?


    • Look into DHY. Nice monthly dividend and 10 percent annually.

    • this doesn't seem the place to be for no capital risk. I sleep well holding NYCB. Symbol recently
      changed from NYB so no message board. yet. Nice consistant divi. How about utility companys?
      Many have dividends. Maybe SDRL or TGP, both have nice dividends. Go future....CLNE

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