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  • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 4, 2013 10:40 PM Flag


    Just saw a factoid on the crawl at the bottom of Bloomberg TV.

    The VIX dropped a record 39% this week.

    That's like the ocean going from a storm to dead calm on command.

    The President is a powerful, powerful man.

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    • The VIX finally went up today. A little.

      But so did the S&P.

      So we could be on a volatile upswing. You remember the last time we had a serious one of those.

      It was called the Clinton Administration, and we all got dirty, dirty rich.

      What are the chances we start to see demand for credit increase, raising long-term interest rates, long before the Fed is ready to let go of the short-term rates, meaning an extended period of fat spreads?

      Dirty, dirty, dirty.

    • Now that all of America problems are takes care of President Obama will not give him full attention to gun control. There will be no more time to talk about Libya,unemployment,Iran.......Ect. The minor annoyances will have to be handled by Congress.

    • Chavez and Obama have the same goals of a Socialist dictatorship justified with populist and constitutional window dressing. Chavez had more poor people in Venezuela to support his reign as he wrecked the economy of the country but using Petroleum revenue to buy his supporters off. Seeing this Obama is implementing policy that will create more poor in America and increasing the number of citizens that receive government payments. The Constitution limits a President to two terms as presently interrupted. But having contempt for our Constitution he is and will appoint Jurist to the Courts that believe in a flexible reading of the Constitution. With two more appointments to our Supreme Court anything is possible. If Obama decides that he needs a third or forth term "to finish the job" approximately 40% of the voters would back him. No doubt many posters on this board would salivate at the thought.

    • Wrote Puts last week at those high IV's. It was, what it was ..;-)

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      • Hi Doc, yahoo won't let me reply to your other post, thank you for the explanation, VXX looks scary on the chart, it reminds me of NLY ;) I won't touch it with a six foot pole....

      • Hi Doc,
        Would you mind sharing your VIX trade?
        I'm trying to understand why you wrote puts when the underlying was high last week ( in the 20's)... Wouldn't it make more sense to write the puts when the underlying is low but you anticipate a rise?


      • "The President is a powerful, powerful man."

        Nothing against the President, but with our system of government it takes two to tango. Actually, three.

        In fact, I'm wondering if this system which has served this country so well in the past is not becoming dysfunctional. Parliamentary democracies with multi-party systems may depend on stretched coalitions but the coalition members have a vested interest in finding consensus rather than in continuous destructive political warfare.

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