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  • "The President is a powerful, powerful man."

    Nothing against the President, but with our system of government it takes two to tango. Actually, three.

    In fact, I'm wondering if this system which has served this country so well in the past is not becoming dysfunctional. Parliamentary democracies with multi-party systems may depend on stretched coalitions but the coalition members have a vested interest in finding consensus rather than in continuous destructive political warfare.

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    • the power comes from getting your way in such a system, and the impressive part is that it does something impossible

      btw, we do have a multi-party system. but the two that dominate are polar opposites and have attracted around a crucial dichotomy, people vs. money. other parties are left with fringe issues, which can't attain the gravitas of those two. it won't change unless the main two somehow get sidetracked and the public can be mesmerised by a charismatic issue. but like in the past, eventually the crucial dichotomy resumes its place of preeminence, even if the names of the parties on each side of it change, and even if one of the parties switches sides. at least until people finally defeat money. we thought we had the problem licked when we kicked the king out of our lives. but it turns out he was just the most diseased among us, not the disease.

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      • Yourbest.........Thats the closest thing I've heard yet to what the real struggle is about. Since Reagan there has been a concerted movement to change the progresive nature of our income tax system (the way we pay for the cost of running the country), and are entitled to want that. The 2 current parties generally represent the 2 views on that topic. This struggle does indeed go back to "the king must go", and I.d say its older than that. Personally I prefer the progressive taxing system as long as it is regularlly adjusted which is going on as we speak. The wealthy are never in the majority so they need to disguise what they are about and trot out the usual stuff at election times (guns, gays, abortion) to get more votes from those they plan to unload some "cost" onto. I have a few close conservative friends but mostly more progressive thinkers. My lifestyle is conservative (no debt) but my politics are mostly liberal. I don't claim to be more correct than my conservative friends, just of a different view.

      • "polar opposites" .
        No , that would be, Castro, Chavez, KK and the likes....

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