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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Jan 6, 2013 1:23 AM Flag

    So Looks Like the Brylcreem Year!!

    So most of us have seen how this plays out or doesn't, depending upon your religion. The faithful will hold whether the Mideast erupts or New York, for that matter, while folks like me will cash out and wait for the nuclear cloud to settle. Who's nuts? Perspective, I suppose.

    What good will my cash do when the dollar just imploded with the Federal Bank blown to bits(melt). Sheesh, no more Fiat money, what's my QE4 hedge to do? I was counting on more competition for Gary.

    So I bought with 3% of my portfolio HYT yesterday. That was Friday for all of you EST folks, in bed by this time. I like it. If I don't too bad, I'm living with it. I think I'll trade some Yuan without the Y after the blokes get done arm wrestling in Feb I think it will have a great year. And I am planning on my 9 day trade with FSC post EX date coming up in about a week. If the boys and girls(mostly boys) bury me, I'll keep them for trading shares and do the same the following month. I love the idea, as I find it the cream of the crop for BDC' wait....

    Did you see the recent article touting the 5 BDC's you have to own, for safety(AKA Condom BDC's), you can trade them with the lights off and still be safe? The only ones I like are GBDC and TCPC. I like GBDC because it has a cool name...Golub Capital. Its like we used to do before the days of Brylcreem, a hair gel:

    Bryl-creem, a little dab'll do ya,
    Use more, only if you dare,
    But watch out,
    The gals will all pursue ya,—
    They'll love to put their fingers through your hair.

    So naturally as stupid teenagers we bought it because if that was going to do ya, it would be a cheap date....

    Anyway, before Brylcreem, we used stuff like Vaseline where you took a dollop on your fingers and rubbed it in(to your hair...on your head...never mind). If the girls rubbed their fingers through your hair after that they could grease their cookie sheets afterwards. I said all of that because the Golup brother's(Israel) name reminded me of Brylcreem for some strange reason. I figure it won't probably get the girls but it looks like it might make you some money .....

    I read through their last annual report and to me it looks pretty straight forward. Newer BDC(April 2010), pays 0.32/Q for a current 7.8% yield. I know there are higher yielding BDC;'s out there like FSC @ 10.6% which I am planning on accumulating and trading.

    I also like TCPC. It is real new(April 4, 2012), raised divi, now to .40 Q'ly for a 10.89% yield. Take a look at it.

    Going back to mReits, I like long shares of ARR and the run to EX 10 days out on NYMT. Back test it. I've gone back to the dark days of 2008 when the stock hit below 2.00 and you still made up to 1.00 on a 10 day move. There were I believe 2 Q's where you had to give up a few cents, but that was it.

    So what socks/bonds are you holding, and/or which do you plan on trading in 2013? The year starts in earnest after the slow handshake over the DC(Debt Ceiling). I have a good feeling about 2013, kind of like when the music started playing for the Brylcreem ad...;-)


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