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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 8, 2013 7:19 AM Flag

    Dawn of the next bull market and the Age of the Cell. Happy New Day

    Another follow up: the two guys who started Ledbury shirts in 08 were on Scarbourogh this morning.

    These guys came out of B-school to confront a lunar landscape of job opportunities following the crash.

    Now they have established the Ledbury shirts brand.

    On the other end of the entreprenuerial spectrum, The 'gourmet' sandwich franchise JimmyJohns has spread like wildfire during these recession years. I interviewed the manager at one that recently opended in my region. He said the shop was opened by a couple of IT guys who started it up as their retirement plan.

    Everywhere I look, I see economic ferment, innovation, investment. I turned on the TV one recent Sunday night and saw a paralyzed woman operate a robot arm with her thoughts.

    This is all happening while Occupier Wall Streeters and Tea Partiers shout in self imposed darkness.

    The world is a running man who now and than tumbles flat out, gets up, dusts himself off and continues to run miraculously uninjured, running faster, faster after each fall.

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    • Herexhear...I'm really having trouble with your screen name (not to mention some of your thoughts)...Would it be "here squared", or "hear squared", or "there" (here x hear = there?) "I'm here, but I can't hear"?. That last one is kinda along the x div date thinking... after "x", whatever is next is over...therefore "can't hear"...anyway, if you wish to enlighten us, that would be great...otherwise, it's always good to have a little mystery in your life.

      I basically think you are on the right track, with (what I think is)your main theme of everything is changing faster and faster and we won't even believe what has happened a few years from now. Moore's law could be revoked by the Supreme Court or just eventually prove unsustainable (like so much else on this planet), but, for now, it does seem to still be in effect. I think, like most futurists predictions, only part of what you are suggesting will happen, but some probably will. I don't think I can predict any of it, so I don't even flexible and move in the direction that feel's right at the time, try to have no regrets, and make sure to remember to enjoy some of this life, as you move through it....and don't count on Mr. Bans2's predictions...we may not live that long :)

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      • Diva, yahoo would not give me herehear so I added the x. The name is entirely random and has no intended meaning. A little OCD can be good for you though.

        Go to youtube and search 'boston dynamics' or 'darpa robots'. Cool stuff.

        Another coincidentally Boston area firm is perfecting a method of growing tracheas in the lab and implanting them in throat cancer patients. They have done 4 already. The company aims at perfecting the capability to grow almost any organ you need, custom made, in a week or so.

        Another company has induced the first documented case of ALS disease reversal using stem cells. Another has reversed or halted the progression of blindness.

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