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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 6, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    Dawn of the next bull market and the Age of the Cell. Happy New Day

    As the cou try begins to shake off the fears and pessimism of the crash of 08, a future course coelesces.

    While much of the below description of America now to 2025 is varied, keep in mind, that as the industrial age gave way to the information age, we are now at the begininngs of what will evenutially be nomed the Age of the Cell.

    Millions of 40-50 somethings will leave their cubicles to start their own small business or do their own thing. This has already been building steam but not yet at a tipping point.

    We will take one of three routes:

    1) Franchising for those who are less adventurous/creative. This route will have many cases of colleagues and work buddings teaming up to open franchises, sometimes while keeping their day jobs.

    2) Cool unique businesses for those with passion and curiosity: adventure travel, cool restaurants, etc.

    3) Investors and traders who tendbto and manage the piles they have amassed over the last 20-30 years. Sound familar? We are a hardy bread, like the notable flora and fauna that survives nuclear balst testing in the sout pacific.

    The entrepreneurial ferment is in evidence everywhere I look.

    Those of us who leave our cubicles and practices and offic epolitics will make room for youngers to come in. We who transition to new horizons will be supported and encouraged by legislation such as the healthcare act, which allows us to leaveour jobs and pursue the next goal without risk of Olee's situation.

    The healthcare complex will generate in millions of educated, well paid medical jobs. Among these will be PAs who start at around 100k salary. PAs will be the starts of the new job sector as programmers were in the 90s. I have seen these bright young interns at my docs office. At some pointbthey will be named 'three year wonders' or doclites.

    As we enter the Age of the Cell, the applications to food production and healthcare will be as profound as any in this past 200 years of acceleration into the future.

    The vast complex Ike warned of in his farewell speech has come to pass, and now is passing.The Pentagon will be downsized. make no mistake the peace dividend coming will dwarf the end of the cold war.

    Energy will be cheap and plentiful.

    The middle east will lose its ability to warp and twist America. neocons will go extinct.

    The future is rushing at us. Invest well.

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    • Headline: Paul Krugman for Treasury Secturary. The Freddy Kruger of Economics would fit in with the current administration. He has graveled at Obama every word and policy.

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      • mr.phil2u, I have a brother-in-law in Montana that thinks like you. I hope those kinds of people are all up there where it's plenty remote and maybe snowed in, and their firearms won't reach us normal people...

        I made this comparison because of things like your constant use of "Dim"ocrats, etc. That's just Rush-stuff and makes you seem pretty "dim"-witted, as you continue to use that kind of language. probably meant "groveled", right.

        Somebody has to correct the nonsense of the GWB administration, and it ain't easy. The world hates us because of GWB. We've made some progress since he's been gone, but still have more to do.

        The ol' "carry a big stick"-stuff isn't going to work anymore. There are too many strong players. We can't continue to bluster or we will pay a serious price for that attitude.

        Why should we Americans have so much more than the rest of the world's population? We have to accept that we need to let the playing field be leveled, at least a little. I think it will be much easier to live in a world where we help that to happen, than in one where we resist it with all our might.

        Good night....

    • Cool.

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    • I disagree with almost everything you wrote, but hey its America, and the government is still allowing me, until tomorrow, to voice my dissent with Newspeak!!

      You forgot the 47% which the recently defeated "suit" said were yearning to not be "free". They are the happy masses of the entitlement society. Why would "they" seek to change getting stuff for free? This is indeed the New Society which will unfortunately, for those in cubicles, usher in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

      The reason is the cubicleites will have to stay in their cubicles to support this entitlement society. You see the masses cannot run free, because "freedom" suggests breaking the shackles of financial obligation first for one's own survival but then for the burden of YBF's excluded middle. These folks, in Aquarius, must be provided for.

      Images swell in the liberals doughnut around cardboard boxes and squalor. That, perhaps together with Grandma who needs her SS check and Uncle Bill who needs Assisted Living beyond the current 90 day Medicare cut off. Those will be "provided" in Aquarius but they must be funded. Who gets to fund them? The government? Roll them presses...nope...hyper inflation leads to shopping carts of cash. Its Joe Dudley, in his cubicle that dreams of Aquarius. The state has promised the better life, but Joe is now @ 55% tax burden and he has just blown tires in his plug in Volt you talk about.

      The government is trying to hide the land fill problem they are having with all of those traded in, broken down Volt batteries that are environmental waste hazards. Same with those nifty CFL lights with that un-cool mercury in them, that demand the guys in the hazmat suits that the gov't has created a new bureaucracy to help "solve" the eco-hazard they have also produced for the environment, knock at your door so you can step aside and get to watch (and pay for) another gov't entity take out your trash. Oh please you sigh, return the incandescent cake walk. The 2020's were so much easier.

      But we have energy independence. Nope, the gov't sees gas, coal, oil(all fossil fuels) as both environmentally and socially un-cool. We won't even mention nuclear as visions of three cheese pizzas and islands float through the ether. Well we have scientifically harnessed wind and solar, that will surely be enough to power a semi up the Alaska highway in winter...uh, Alaska has no sun in the winter Doc, and semi's have been declared illegal because they demand way too much energy to climb mountains and stuff, and....

      Yet, you yearn for Aquarius. Where is your doctor when you see the PA's you site as interns? They are not Dr. Kildaire. They are as far as they go in their profession. No more school. In N. Dakota you can get your PA with only one year training after college. Whoopee!! But my symptoms aren't getting any better. Can't I see a Dr? Yes, that will be in 3 months. Would you like a Monday in that month, or Friday in the following month? You are correct, that is exactly how it will be under the gov't in a one payer Aquarius. Hey, we don't need those old folks getting better anyways. They are a burden to Joe Cubicle. Yeah, remember... he wants to be an entrepreneur. He is in cubicle 453GS, right down the building from me, in the third bldg, on the right.

      We just need better education, condoms and more gov't run Planned Personhood Centers in Aquarius and that will do it. We will just limit each family to 1/3 offspring. That way the community Planned Personhood co-habitation dweller Units occupied by as many co-habitants as outlined in Article 278900021B of the New Supremacy Court guidelines will allow, may produce 1/3 offspring per Unit.

      Every three Units may produce One Offspring, for those having difficulty keeping up. That offspring will have been combed from the local Aquarius Sperm Data Bank to include those features, traits and habits which will be conducive to and for the greatest benefit of Aquarius. The "Offspring" will be raised in that unit which conforms most closely to the Guidelines for Unit Equanimity in handout 00005654-45A, in the Aquarius Offspring Summer handout. Examples of multiple partners of any sex, together with animal co-habitation with humans is strongly encouraged in the Offspring's education(before age 4), as Aquarius seeks to be gender/species neutral, diverse and inclusive of all alternative life styles.

      Well. its late and I must retreat and hopefully not dream of your Aquarius, for I am certain I will awake screaming as from my recurrent dream about the poor grandpa dying from a sudden heart attack. The ones who screamed more were the Aquarians. They were all sitting in the back seat as grandpa drove them off the cliff.


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      • If you read the book 2030 there is a solution to all of this. The younger generation gets tired of paying for older people who keep living longer because they find a cure for just about everything and they start killing off "the olds" as they call them. The elderly get attacked by gangs of youths who are tired of getting almost nothing in their pay checks so they can pay for people who never seem to die. So they protest in the streets and if you are elderly and are unfortunate enough to get caught alone when a group of youths pass you by you end up in the gutter with a broken neck. The justification of course is that you should have died a long time ago anyway and they were just correcting a mistake. Of course older people can move to fortified communities with everything trucked so they can avoid the young marauders. That works unless they decide to break in and start torching buildings. The problem with this concept is that they have you all in one spot so you are easy to kill at one time. Let's just hope we can still own guns if it comes to that.

      • That was quite a mouthfull. Well done!

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    • Oh, and the speed with which gasoline demand will be decimated, halved will be astounding. As plugin hybrids proliferate, and people hear the clarion call of office mates who gas up once a month with their new plugin hybrids, we will see a fast tipping point.

      The national trucking infrastructure is going nat gas. period.

      An oil exporting, economically balanced America, still the worlds innovative engine and magnate of dreamers the world over.

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      • Another follow up: the two guys who started Ledbury shirts in 08 were on Scarbourogh this morning.

        These guys came out of B-school to confront a lunar landscape of job opportunities following the crash.

        Now they have established the Ledbury shirts brand.

        On the other end of the entreprenuerial spectrum, The 'gourmet' sandwich franchise JimmyJohns has spread like wildfire during these recession years. I interviewed the manager at one that recently opended in my region. He said the shop was opened by a couple of IT guys who started it up as their retirement plan.

        Everywhere I look, I see economic ferment, innovation, investment. I turned on the TV one recent Sunday night and saw a paralyzed woman operate a robot arm with her thoughts.

        This is all happening while Occupier Wall Streeters and Tea Partiers shout in self imposed darkness.

        The world is a running man who now and than tumbles flat out, gets up, dusts himself off and continues to run miraculously uninjured, running faster, faster after each fall.

      • My "green" daughter bought a Prius. It will do 12 miles on a charge before the gasoline motor takes over. I have no doubt that they will improve them as time goes on. Electric motors might be a good match for a school or municiple bus that travels a certain number of miles per day but i dont want one for personal transportation.

      • Hair! Hair!

    • Nice....pass that pipe around dude!

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