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  • slegermark slegermark Jan 11, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    Down On Low Volume

    this time up.

    calm before the storm, Fax. I would sell and get into cash. There will always be more opportunities if you miss a few dimes in profit in the next month.
    This weekend the pundits could scare the bm out of you on debt ceiling expectations. Very few things will swim against that tide.

    It is better to get to a rally late than to sell into a skid late.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 11, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

      The doom & gloomers are looking at the record levels on the S&P and tossing flaming cattle over the market's battlements.

      I think everyone is staging for a rollout from one form of investment to another, but nobody can tell who's going to move what where first.

      There are a few well-lit clues, though: Blackstone just bought a metric assload of houses, and Blackrock just bought Credit Suisse's entire ETF business.

      So if you're black and hard, you're moving out of cash and into big iron.

      Calm before the storm. Agreed.

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      • the Blacks have a longer horizon than I do, and probably well calculated moves. My horizon is short term until I get recapped to my mid summer level. Now 75% in cash and waiting like a panther for a few opportunities. I have never been good at waiting more than a month, got addicted to the action. Weeks like this bore me out of my skull. Looking for the vix to reawaken.

        After reviewing Boehner's rhetoric, I do not foresee the rebupplicans to roll over on debt ceiling. In the least we will get some market retraction. How soon, I dunno, but the news agencies need drama to sell advertising and the two biggest things going now are debt and guns.

        OOOh! I should look at cheap strangles on the gun stocks. No pun intended unless you are feeling generous.

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