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  • ray858945 ray858945 Jan 15, 2013 11:19 PM Flag

    Civil War

    X ...

    And what will you do with your guns when they come to take everything away from you? Shoot the government agents? Do you think that will help, or will you just be #175,000,001? Then again, your guns might get you killed before they arrive.

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    • Ray and YBFITW will cheer will the Government agents go door to door conficateing guns. The cheers will be muted when they come back for the IRA,s. I hope we will still have a internet so i can hear them rant and whine.

    • If the US government becomes totalitarian like Soviet Russia and I hear that they are sending armed government agents (unconstitutionally and without search warrants) riding in armored personnel carriers to get our guns. I will simply do what the farmers in Australia and the UK did when they were told to hand over their guns...
      They bought waterproof plastic containers and wide PVC pipes and filled them with motor oil, then sealed them waterproof, and buried them deep, deep underground. Once the government had picked up everyone's guns up and left, they simply unburied them.
      I value my life and my family's, that is why if "they" show up. I will consistently deny that I have them and I will claim that I sold them at a gun show or something like that. If I'm tortured, raped, or imprisoned, or they send me in a sealed boxcar by train with other fellow Americans to a concentration camp or gulag in far off Alaska by the Blue Shirts, so be it. I will not give them my guns. If they ask me about my guns. I will say, what are you talking about? What guns? I sold them long ago at a gun show because I needed the money, or something like that.

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      • In the war on the people, the ones framing the war are the ones advocating for it and it is not our government doing that.

        A lot of wishful thinking flies about.

        Stay rational. "They are coming to take your guns" is an invention by those who want your money, but mostly want your mind. It's ok, I thought the same way back in the 90's. YOu will get over it.

        I have never been afraid for a minute that any "liberal" or anybody for that matter, even wants my paltry utilitarian arsenal.

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