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  • faaqcee faaqcee Jan 18, 2013 2:10 PM Flag


    I added to my NTI position at 38.80.

    My total cost average is just over 24.32.

    Yesterday I was tempted to "take the money and run" at 24.80.
    Shoulda Woulda Coulda.
    I don't day trade much and thought NTI was at a good price to start a position.
    I still think so.
    That's why I didn't sell yesterday and why I added today to lower that position.

    We'll see, we'll see,

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    • Ray,
      It does not work that way and you know it. By same logic LINE should be 55 because it has better divy than EPD. When NTI cuts divi in February it will be blood in the streets.

      • 2 Replies to ovicp
      • Well, I didn't mean that LINE is necessarily a valid comparable, although it is much closer than EPD which is not an oil producer. I am saying that NTI is a "real" company with tangible assets and products, not a financial pass-through company. Therefore, I think it will ultimately pay a lower yield than we're used to with AGNC ... maybe around 10% [LINE is 8.9% I think].

        I think any blood-letting will be temporary. People are a little more savvy about this than you give them credit for. Remember when AGNC dropped the divy, and the PPS went up? But, who knows?

        NTI is in a unique position as a mid-con refinery getting cheap Balkan oil and reselling at WTI prices.

      • Hey ovi,
        Did you ever get into NTI?
        I've read your posts a few more times and can't help but to think that you originally thought NTI a short candidate, given the line of dialogue.

        Dear mb readers,
        This NTI thread is proof that the sharing of ideas about various stocks, not just AGNC on this mb, is something for the purists to finally embrace.

        AND: Even though this thread originally was bearish in nature,
        merely bringing NTI into light,
        and the intelligent debate that ensued,
        helped enable those willing to invest in this fledgling company enjoy great profit(KNOCK KNOCK, so far!).
        Thanks ovi!

        Ray was guessing into the 32s.
        I thought he was high on *Tahitian Treat(a sugar rush, too far too fast) and NTI was going to settle in around 25.
        I no longer think so.
        If the dividend WAS prorated, and this dividend does pay 2.25, a generous 20% yield places NTI at 45pps.

        *Tahitian Treat- A soda pop made by "Frank's" of Philadelphia.
        It was berryish in taste and was so red that there was no denying having drank it.
        Mustache city.
        Hawaiian Punch with bubbles.

        Has anyone ever heard of "Tahitian Treat"?

        I can not say if Frank's is still in operation.

        Good luck,
        Go AGNC,
        Go NTI,

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