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  • faaqcee faaqcee Jan 17, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    Volume Slightly Up

    If AGNC keeps pace, today's volume would near 4 million shares traded.
    The last day over 4 million was Jan. 4th(9 days ago).
    To be up over .5%, on a day where volume increases, is a good omen.


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    • Most articles are saying no showdown. I cautiously re-entered the market with may calls on ALKS ten contracts at 18 strike. Strong pipeline and revs coming in. Another strong pharma this year will be uthr.

      SCCO is stomping. I am glad you covered your short so quickly.

      AGNC earnings in two weeks. Too scared to enter until then.

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      • Yeah, thanks with the SCCO short comment.
        The feeling I had told me to cover.
        I guess I missed the "then buy" part. :(
        Well, at least I covered(@40.03). :)
        SCCO is now around 41.25.
        The rise was as quick as I had originally thought the fall would be.

        With SCCO, its pps fell rather quickly each of the last 3yrs, and usually starting January-March.
        SCCO's pps rose to a higher high this year
        That, along with the big 2.75 dividend last quarter, made me think that a big drop was imminent.
        It still very well may occur, but I'm not thinking of shorting them again.
        I was luck to away with barely a scrape and I'm not pushing my luck.

        The more stupid thing was to sell them in the summer at 31.73
        A nine-fifty pps gain in five months, plus two ninety-nine in dividends,
        Wow, now that is a fish I regret letting get away.

      • Repubs now asking for a passed budget before they raise the ceiling. They will put off until 4-15 if Dems agree with plan.

    • Yesterday the volume puttered out in the afternoon.
      Counting today, AGNC's volume was low for 10 straight days.

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      • I am curious why volume interests you. Market technicians have debated the relationship between price and volume for decades. At the MTA Florida regional (starting today) I am sure it will again be the subject of roundtable discussions. Some (Mark Leibovit) has made a career out of volume relationships "Volume Reversal Indicator". Mark publishes a year-a-head forecast for most major markets every new year. Tries to forecast hi-lo points and time durations. Over the years he has been surprisingly accurate (within time margins).

        Other than volume on inflection points bowoffs/selling climaxes; I feel the predicative use of volume is found in the relationship of volume and open interest.

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