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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Jan 17, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    herexhere redundency

    It alright to have a different opinion of something. Posting the same thing over and over will not change anyone's opinion. Most people game the system to their advantage Rich,Poor and everywhere between. There are many Socialist Countries in Western Europe alone i want take take the time to count. I think President Obama and the Democrat party leadership are Socialist. Socialist catch phrases. "level the playing field", "give a hand up" come to mind. You are free to see it differently

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    • Historically, Socialism meant government ownership of production to remove profits, which socialists considered to be illegitimate. Socialism failed because it was not market driven, Had no incentive system and no mechanism to replace the complex adaptive abilities of the market based systems it did not understand.

      Going forward, driven by Conservatives, Socialism will come to mean any policies that aim to increase living standards and foster broad increases in quality of life or liberty beyond the narrow conservative conception of liberty as the freedom to compete in a darwinian free for all of each person standing alone or with allies, pitted each against the other with minimal rules or referees. Snake oil salesmen will have the advantages of this kind of liberty as well as large corporations with natural predatory advantage.

      Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the eurozone, the UK and most Asian countries will fit this new definition of socialism. The US has a chance to stay in this group if the conservatives fail.

      Non-socialist countries will be found in the middle east, Russia, the US (if the consrvatives prevail) and most African and Latin American countries.

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      • "The ultimate goal for Marxist socialists is the emancipation of labour from alienating work. Marxists argue that freeing the individual from the necessity of performing alienating work in order to receive goods would allow people to pursue their own interests and develop their own talents without being coerced into performing labour for others."
        From wikipedia,seems like this describes bama's intentions.

    • I had enough phil.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 17, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

      Phil, the word "socialist" around is the only "catch-phrase" being thrown around here.

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