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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Jan 18, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    Does this rally have legs?

    Onion do you read Barrons? Every week there are articles with Bulls and Bears,predicting ups and downs. No one knows what the future holds. You must put yourself in a position that you are comfortable with and then change and modify as it pans out. The guys that think they have the sure fire thing put their eggs in and hit it big or end up selling pencils.

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    • Ha ha
      I am a bond broker, I read Barrons, WSJ, NYT, I have Bloomberg Professional giving me up to the second news and info. It has all sorts of bond and stock analytics. I am sitting in front of 4 monitors all day long. Plus from my desk I can see 6 plasma TVs playing CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business Channel all day long.

      I am just trying to get some opinions on the markets and why....
      You dont have to be right or wrong you just have to have an opinion.

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      • I have liked BDC's for a couple years now, but remember that they would get smashed if Congress has trouble with the debt ceiling. Might want to wait until after the resolution of that.

        Re: retirement. Remember that if your stuff is in a retirement account, you will have to take out some of every year once you're 70 1/2 if it's a traditional IRA.

      • Onion There is not right or wrong until Dec 31 each year. I lean Bearish by nature if i had been bullish the last two years i would have been farther ahead, but like yourself i dont want to stick my neck out since my future earned income is ZERO.

        Here is my call, The Debt ceiling will be raised(i hope). The Sequester spending cuts will be implemented because the White House and Senate will not negotiate spending cuts with the house. There will be a sharp downturn on that news and the market will rise back part of the way and "piazza" around until something happens. Whatever happens will not be as bad or as good as what the talking heads say are.

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