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  • ray858945 ray858945 Jan 18, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    SSN Disability

    11 million people now on disability ... up 80% from 8 years ago. That means it was 6 million, 8 years ago. Wonder if the economy is making people sick ... it is me.

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    • HxH ...

      I assure you that RayBans and myself are two different people regardless of any similarities you might see ... I actually don't see them. Fox News? I haven't watched it in years ... makes me sick.

      The little town of 25,000 that I live in used to have its own police and fire departments, but we canned those in favor of renting those services from the town next door. Saves a fair amount of money by not having to have our own administrative personnel. It's a plan that has been praised nation-wide.

      Around here, starting salary for a policeman is over $80,000 plus benefits. I once estimated that with normal assumptions re retirement age and life expectancy, etc. a policeman here makes about $250,000 a year with benefits and retirement. Not sure how close that is, but I think it's in the neighborhood. Pretty good wages for a town where serious crime is just about zero.

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      • In North Carolina Police start at 30K-40K depending on Certification level. A Chief of a small town like i live in is paid 80K to 100K. When he retires with 30 years service combined in the state he gets his last salary as his pension. If your name is on the deed to property in California and Illinois the State employee pension fund looks at it as their piggy bank.

      • Ray ,hope you insurance is paid up, if a fire coming from another town u r toast. Lets get rid of good paying jobs, we all should work in the private sector, they will treat us fair, that's a better plan ,yeah right,keep on watching cbs,nbc,etc.

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      • kidshelleen51 Jan 20, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

        Not sure why Fox News make4 you sick, unless you mean the truth about this country is appaling. In which case I agree with you. Disability should be for those that can't work, not for those that don't wnat to work. The concept of a "safety net" has been replaced by a generation that wants something for nothing. Someday, hopefully, we'll have a revolution to tear this all down and then we can start over again.

    • Have a buddy in a wheelchair, he used to get small jobs when the econ was strong, but no one will hire him now because able bodied people would kill their grandmas to get a job. So hes on disability now and I promise you he would love to be off it and working. Disability pays #$%$.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 18, 2013 7:05 PM Flag

      Old screed from September. The award system is backlogged, and it takes a judge to review the details, so they were rubber-stamping a lot of cases, and a lot of fraud was getting through, coming from people supplementing their income during the job crunch. The irony here is that this happened because the SSA wasn't hiring enough judges...

      But really, the fraud is going to turn out to be a few percent of the increase. Most of will simply be people being informed they can get disability benefits for things they didn't know were qualified. They weren't getting what they had paid for and now they are.

    • Yes, I am thinking it is either due to the acceptance of CFS and fibromyalgia as legitimate diseases by the medical community and/ or the emergence of Firms like Binder that nationally advertise for disabled candidates. It could also be due to the obesity epidemic and its attendent comorbidities.

      If you are in a grey area where could stretch and make a case for disability but you actually have a job, you normally prefer to keep the job(most people), because it pays better than dis, and most people dont want to be disabled, but if jobs dry up and you run out of savings and unemployment, and you see the Binder ad as you lay on the couch, apathetically desperate, you might grasp that straw, in which case you have a 39% chance.

      Of course Onion's scammers have some skin in that game too.

      Years ago I read an article that in some rust belt towns, docs were tacitly putting old guys on dis as a backdoor policy to alleviate the post-industrial hard times. These old guys are walking extinct. If you go to these towns and old rust belt cities you can spot them a mile away.

      Then there was some legislation in the 90s that had some consolation for 'displaced workers'

      These days you drive through some OH towns and young able bodied regular looking guys each have their own intersection.

      Meanwhile job vacs are going unfilled because people dont have the skills.

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      • Ray85,

        I don't know if your numbers even include military. The number of military disabilities is alarming as anything from hangnails to hemorrhoids qualifies. Physicians in my family have performed the exit examinations on soldiers leaving the military and the soldiers are encouraged to report "now" ANY item that is even remotely amiss with them as once discharged they cannot come back and claim any items amiss that were not disclosed to the exit physician before discharge.

        The number of disabilities has skyrocketed of late due to the number of soldiers deployed for the Bush wars, but also for the "free ride" obtained by reporting items which are hard to objectively verify(headache, emotional stress, pain, etc).

        STOP!! I am not talking about those wounded soldiers who deserve their disability payments from obvious objective signs or those who have suffered PTSD from action.

        I personally know soldiers who have served (no action) for as little as 1 month, who claim headache and stress and receive over 2,000/month for the rest of their lives with COL's and free education for their children for as long and as high as they choose to go. Free medical for their lives for the vet, and that is for any term of service. The soldiers I know saw one month of service(no action) in Baghdad who now receive their 2,000/month payments for life. These are "partial" disabilities and as such they can work at any job for as long and as many hours as they choose.

        They presently are employed and seem just fine to me. Never complain of headache or any other problems. I rub shoulders with them on a weekly basis.

        "Some 633,000 veterans -- one out of every four of the 2.3 million who served in Iraq and Afghanistan -- have a service-connected disability, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics....The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs expects to spend $57 billion on disability benefits next year. That's up 25% from $46 billion this year, and nearly quadruple the $15 billion spent in 2000, before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began."(CNN money: A Cost of War, April, 2012)

        This soaring geometric progression of folks receiving monies from the public trough is not going to get smaller. Without checks we will see that 1 in 4 number go to 1 in 3, then 1 in 2, as the "where's mine" attitude takes hold. Again, PLEASE, I am not talking about the wounded and/or maimed in body and/or mind. If you "say" the right things on your exit exam with your physician you can and will get your disability.

        One more reason to get the H out of where we don't belong...


      • Oh, also, War casualties

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