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  • slegermark slegermark Jan 21, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    The market forecast from Zacks. This is not an advert just want your thoughts on their outlook.

    Hey at least we have an increased probability that some meaningful spending cuts will happen. Public service, by the way, is what made me shed my party affiliations and loyalties. I belong to the Pragmatists now.

    There seems to be an argument on who's responsibility it is to offer a budget.

    I sold my KMP put at a slight loss on friday, as I saw the market move with confidence. Now I might short a few puts on it if I can get the right permutation. and close them out on xdiv eve.

    There are LOTS of good value plays out there. I'm looking at strangling NTI [thanks Foxy] they go xd around feb20 trading at 24.00 feb 25calls@0.50 22.5puts@0.40 Stub divy for last 2/3 quarter was over a buck. If there is an event the put will probably give me BE protection, otherwise I look for it to move 2points maybe more. If the prorated div matches up with the fundamentals behind the upcoming div, the distribution could be over 1.50. Given that they just went through an internal offering, upside could be 3+. I think we might be pretty safe to speculate until mid march before skittishness returns.

    My wife thanks you for the guidance that has led to decent gains in her IRA. I have her in cash now but I think most of it will go into WMC this week. Return of market vigor will propell it past 24 again. AGNC earnings next week will be the bellweather, unless there is an earlier one reporting.

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