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  • aapl1000 aapl1000 Jan 22, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    so....when do we sell agnc?

    Listen to yourself not others. I can't tell you how many times I've seen analysts and other pundits tell you to sell something (I almost always ignore them) and then have the stock be up BIG one week later. You should do what suits your personality. Some people are patient, some are impatient. Some people are in for the long term, some are in for the short term. I'm not passing judgement on either because as long as you are making money and decent return for your holding period, you should be happy. If you are someone who upon seeing their stock decline 5-10% and then sells, then you should probably sell now. If you are someone who can't stand to see a profit turn to a loss, then you should probably sell now. If you are in for the short term, then $32 isn't a bad exit point. Otherwise, it is probably OK to hold. For me, I sold half of my holdings because that's my approach to investing - when I get to my price target to sell, I take risk off the table. If it gets to my buy price again, I'll add. When I buy, I have an exit price target because that keeps me from getting too greedy. It's not rocket science.

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