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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Jan 22, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    so....when do we sell agnc?

    I don,t look at x dates like you guys... i just look at the charts like a ten year old would.
    I see 32 as a smart point to unload. i'm thinking of selling half...but i have yet to make a trade this year. Anyone want to help me to sell something!

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    • so what that the high? at 32¿ no?

    • Listen to yourself not others. I can't tell you how many times I've seen analysts and other pundits tell you to sell something (I almost always ignore them) and then have the stock be up BIG one week later. You should do what suits your personality. Some people are patient, some are impatient. Some people are in for the long term, some are in for the short term. I'm not passing judgement on either because as long as you are making money and decent return for your holding period, you should be happy. If you are someone who upon seeing their stock decline 5-10% and then sells, then you should probably sell now. If you are someone who can't stand to see a profit turn to a loss, then you should probably sell now. If you are in for the short term, then $32 isn't a bad exit point. Otherwise, it is probably OK to hold. For me, I sold half of my holdings because that's my approach to investing - when I get to my price target to sell, I take risk off the table. If it gets to my buy price again, I'll add. When I buy, I have an exit price target because that keeps me from getting too greedy. It's not rocket science.

    • to be honest , i'll stick with the guy who talks about x dates....;) lame thread , sorry.

    • I don't sell my original 3k shares. I only double down when they do SPOs, and then sell the extra shares when the price got back to where it was before the SPO. I've taken this strategy since Day 1 when I bought in in 2010, and have made over 20% a year on AGNC, and counting. Now even better, I'm holding a new ETF called MORL, which pays 2X divi and price moves, and that one has been making tremendous money for me. Unbelievable!

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    • You sell when you want to take a loss like the rest of the ten year olds. I think you have pegged yourself as someone who should not be in the game, because you sell on fear. I am so long on AGNC, I may never sell. I believe it will continue to rise in the near future, and hit at least $35 or better this summer. And. . . my dividend of $1.25 every three months is the reason I can't entertain selling. This is the Goose that lays the golden Egg every three months, and I won't listen to people with fear here, that want to take a QUICK dollar and run. AGNC has a very nice track record, and until it doesn't lay any more golden eggs, I will hold, and reinvest all dividends. The day trading system doesn't work for most of us nor does short sightedness. You will make money by picking good stock, good dividends, and stay put.

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    • Don't listen to that old curmudgeon, sell it all by the end of this week.
      It is the art of trading. I am holding until earnings eve, if it keeps running. Then I will sell half and put it in WMC, if it stays low.
      It is ok to be cautious and take an early profit and leave money on the table, after enough losses, though, you toughen up.
      Momentum indicates it might hit 33 before xdividend day in march.

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      • Hey Sleger,
        Sourpuss says to "sell it all at the end of Jan."
        You say, "Naw...holding until earnings eve..."
        Earnings are Feb 4,a Monday, as per Yahoo,
        the 1st being a Fri.

        I think you guys are in agreement as to the time to sell, and I join you both in that opinion.
        Earnings eve is Fri. the first, and the end of Jan. is that Thurs.

        I say hold now for a rise, sell on the pre-earningsThurs.(or Wed the 30th) then buy the dip between then and Fri., if you are daring.
        Or, wait and buy after earnings if they are ok.

        The thing we really seem to be in total agreement is that AGNC will dip before Feb. 4.
        At this point there's a bit a "chicken game" until then.

        How far can we rise in one week?
        Imo, it could be another buck+/-, making AGNC a worthwhile hold until then.
        Shoot, it could make AGNC a decent 1wk. buy at this point, but my new AGNC money is tied up in NMM until the end of the week at least, so for me that's out.

        ~Our stellar AGNC management team has yet to fail us.~

        So, why not sell on the Thurs.(or Wed.!) and buy on the dip I feel coming immediately pre-earnings.
        Why sell at all?
        The "Bendicator Effect" sometimes causes at least a minor dip between the pre-earnings run and the earnings date, but not always if I remember correctly.

        If I miss the pre-earnings dip, say, if one should occur Mon. or Tues,
        I won't be chased out,
        and will add that Fri. regardless(with my NMM winnings!) of dip or not because of my confidence in AGNC's management team, the best in the business.

        If one should feel that the REIT gravytrain might be over, then one should sell before the end of next week and wait until the ER comes out, capturing profit and saving on Tums.
        It's possible to play it safe and still get one's shares back not much more expensively.
        Then, if Earnings are good, the .50-1.00 one might miss is but an insurance policy, with the pps moving on and up from there.

        Would that make possibly buying Puts next Tues. be a good option, pardon the pun, if one might think that a mere 3-4 day dip is upcoming?
        Not for me though, "Homey don't play that."
        I'm just throwing it out there. :)

        Good luck,

      • Sure it will just like it did in December and your art of trading went down the sewers. You were running around like mice in the hardware store.

      • I tend to agree with Slegermark.
        There does seem to be momentum in mreits at the moment.

        The next obstacle will probably be earnings which are coming up in something like 10-14 days.
        I think earning start coming in around Feb 1st - 7th.

    • Sell by the end of January and sell it all.

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