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  • raybans2 raybans2 Jan 23, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    SS Disability #2

    The old thread is too big

    No public employee was ever paid 30% to 100% more than their private sector counterparts unless they were a part of a corrupt process to get favors from elected officials who they helped elect by pooling their votes. In my opinion if you were a part of these behind close door deals to enrich one's self at the expense of the public who must pay taxes they cannot afford so you can be wealthier than the people paying those taxes then you deserve to be treated for what you are and flushed. I'm not talking about the people who have not been a part of this process. Not everyone is a part of this but it is pretty epidemic.

    It makes no sense when a fireman in your neighborhood is driving every month to the local lake in an expensive RV with a speed boat in tow because he knows he does not have to worry about saving for retirement and being debt free when he retires because his pension at age 55 will pay him 80% to 90% of his salary which he can jack up his last year by working excessive amounts of over time. He also won't have to be on Medicare because his retirement medical benefits are for life. Yet his engineering neighbor with a PHD is saving 30% of everything he makes for retirement and drives a Volkswagen to work, takes a modest vacation every three years, and still can't save enough to have a comparable retirement because he is paying the taxes to support his neighbor's extravagant life style and to pay for all the government consultants who get paid to perform bogus studies that they do in their spare time when they are not loafing yet they rake $200k a year or more simply to reverberate an opinion that the government wants affirmed and whether it is true or not doesn’t matter.

    And the only reason a fireman has his job is because a friend of the family made sure the position was not listed until his friend's son's application was ready to be submitted. His engineering neighbor’s son hasn’t a chance to get hired because he didn’t know anyone on the inside. The state of government employment has reached a state of corruption that has never before been seen. My ex wife’s sister is a PHD who is in business for her self doing studies for the California department of education and is quite well off because if it. At the time we were married she offered to do a few studies on the side in my wife’s name so that we could collect the checks. She said it was no big deal that they were easy to do. I was really #$%$ off and told my wife that I didn’t want us to be any part of government corruption. She is still doing this. She is a parasite on society and many of them exist and it is where a lot of the government money goes. Of course these people’s votes are in the bag. Think about it. Have you ever heard of anyone with a biology degree working in private industry? Who pays them?

    Some people may think that this is a funny situation but I can tell you that most of us are NOT laughing. Quite the opposite, we are infuriated by it. It has gone too far and it is time to put a stop to it.

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