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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 25, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    OT - AGNC

    Seems like people have lost large bets and then went silent. Many missing names.

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    • "Many missing names."

      How would you know herexhear? You have only been here for 3 weeks, as far as I can tell. Or are you a product of reincarnation?

      Anyway, people withdraw from frequent commenting for many reasons. Work is one. Another is the endless repetition of the same discussions with new board members who (understandably) have not participated in earlier discussions on the same subject and keep bringing up the same questions. Another reason is the increasing political content of the board. And finally, AGNC has become less predictable, and some are looking for trading opportunities elsewhere (though I know there is an active "OT club" here).

      Kudos to those (like Doc) who have the energy and wherewithal to keep having the same discussion with new people and to keep answering the same question for the thousandth time. Others don't have that sort of patience.

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      • "How would you know herexhear? You have only been here for 3 weeks, as far as I can tell. Or are you a product of reincarnation"

        Yes, I used to post as Ephort.

      • Here- here- I took a breather. I wanted AGNC at 28 and would not chase it- still won't. I am awaiting earnings and then look at calls again in late Feb-early March.

        meanwhile I am looking at Nokia and YHOO. I miss the board but work has been pounding me

        Hey Doc- i did download the OIC .mp3's to the phone and listen on the train to the airport. Alot of it so far was basic but some was new and great info- still listening. I will do some spreads first in my optionshouse account because I do not think IRA allows that

        Xion and others have been here thru thick and thin- I am relatively new compared to others but looking at BDC's more than REITS at moment

      • herexhear is someone else's alias...once you find out who it is and prove it, he will go away. Until then you can just ignore.

    • I sold today at 31.38.
      Looking to get back in next Fri.
      Playing it by ear.

19.88-0.07(-0.35%)Aug 25 4:00 PMEDT