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  • raybans2 raybans2 Jan 25, 2013 1:44 PM Flag


    When Apple came out with the iPhone and then the iPad they seemed to be on a roll. I bought an iPad when it first came out because they were the only game in town. I was thinking of buying an iPhone but got tired of waiting for them to come out with a 4G version for Verizon so I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I actually like better than anyone's iPhone that I have seen. I was always frustrated with the iPad because it was such a hassle to get things on and off of it that I finally started using it for web browsing, solitaire, and eBook reading only and gave up on trying to do anything else with it. But when I noticed that my android phone behaved more like a normal computer I went out and bought an ASUS android tablet and I am so much happier with it than the iPad. My wife now uses the iPad as a Skype terminal and for reading the Wall Street Journal so it now sits idle most of the time. I find the android tablet so much easier to interface to that I have even taken an interest in programming it. Audio books are so much easier to move to the android. I just rip the CDs and transfer the files to the android which behaves like a USB memory stick when you plug it into a PC.

    From what I can tell the Galaxy phones will probably start out selling the iPhones. It is no wonder Apple's stock price is getting hammered. They seem to have lost their mojo. It is my guess that investors are looking at the popularity of android devices and predicting that Apple is in for some pretty strong head winds. I would trust Jobs to fix this but then he is no longer around. The last time he left Apple they almost went out of business and would have had he not returned. Without Jobs the company lacked the kind of innovation that makes an Apple product distinctly Apple. And they stopped inventing new ideas.

    So I wonder if the stock price has even further to fall and if this could be an investment opportunity.

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    • Apple and Jobs have always done the same thing ... they take someone else's ideas, and make the user interface really slick. Examples: Xerox invented windows, scrollable windows, mouse, clickable icons, etc. but Jobs took these ideas and made them slick. The Sony Walkman became the iPod. The iPhone was not the first mobile phone, although I can't remember the first right now. Anyway, etc. etc.

      If you want to know what Apple will do next, think of pervasive electronic devices [e.g. TV] and think of how it might be made slicker. Apple does not, and has not, invented completely new products. ((Microsoft is traditionally even later to the party.)) Apple is great at adding and selling the sizzle to someone else's streak.

      I have no Apple position, and no plans to have one.

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      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 25, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

        Apple TV has been around a while, and it's a flop. Too easy for others to implement just-as-slick interfaces built into their TVs. It's actually hard to find a TV with decent visual specs that doesn't have web-connected apps and some sort of user-interface system. It'd be like Apple competing in TV clickers. Just too low-end and fungible for anyone to have a moat.

        I think Google is going to overtake Apple as the source of divergent technologies for a while. But they both have those silly-huge stock prices and policies of not splitting the stock. That keeps small investors from providing the sintering liquidity that the markets need to keep them from being artificially inefficient. So I'm going to have to build up a head of steam before I decide to get involved in the chunky market.

      • That being said I truely think NFC is the wave of the future. It is already seeing small integration into the S3 however at some point I believe it will become global. NFC will in my opinon eliminate credit cards (why use a card when you can scan your phone) and revolutionize a bunch of other fields. If you get a chance check it out

    • I looked into buying some appl april 400 puts and that's as far as I went. They are expensive so someone thinks we will hit 400 fairly soon.

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